Jeon Somi to make comeback on 7 Aug with new EP Game Plan

Ahead of the drop of her EP Game Plan, Somi also released a video teaser of her title track, Fast Forward, on 31 Jul.

Oliver Chan

| August 1, 2023
Somi. Photo: The Black Label

Soloist Jeon Somi, who mostly goes by Somi, is giving us a different type of Barbie in her newest teaser image.

Her new teaser visuals give us a peek into her upcoming new EP, titled Game Plan. The album will arrive early this month on 7 Aug (Mon).

In this edgier teaser look, she rocks an almost school-like ensemble with a white shirt and grey-pleated skirt, exuding confidence and style.

Her first teaser image was mostly monochromatic. So the contrast between this Blade Runner and Cyberpunk-ish backdrop has got fans intrigued.

For Somi’s upcoming album, there will be a total of five tracks. And the second track, titled Fast Forward, was selected to be the title track for the EP.

Somi, alongside The Black Label producers Teddy, Vince and American songwriter Bekuh Boom were the ones who wrote the song.

After all, it’s been quite a while since Somi dropped new music, so many are watching her upcoming musical drop. Her last album was XOXO (2021), her first debut studio album which dropped in Oct 2021.

XOXO (2021) was a pop anthem which talked about heartbreaks. At only 20 years old then, it was satisfying to see how Somi pulled off the breakout tune so skillfully with so much vengeance.

It’s also her transition that fans are excited about.

From performing bubblegum pop tracks in the now-defunct group I.O.I, to how she presented herself in the previous album, there’s much to look out for in her upcoming releases.

Pre-orders for her album have commenced since late last month, on 25 Jul. The digital version of her upcoming EP will arrive on 7 Aug (Mon), while the physical version will come a week later on 14 Aug (Mon).


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