Review: TREASURE solidifies their signature sound as they reboot with Bona Bona

TREASURE are becoming more musically diverse. Yet they stay true to their signature sound in their second full album Reboot.

Avier Tan

| August 2, 2023
TREASURE in a still from the music video of Bona Bona. Photo: YG Entertainment

TREASURE is presenting themselves in a whole new light for their second full album. It’s therefore aptly titled Reboot.

It will be like “how we turn off and on our computers like a reboot”, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun-suk previously said in a video announcement.

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Fronting the ten-track album is the title number Bona Bona (2023). When one first hears the track, it bears some semblance to their previously-dropped Jikjin (2022). Strong beats and synth instruments make up a large portion of the song.

Some may argue that there’s a good amount of repetition between Jikjin and Bona Bona. But to me, it seems that TREASURE has already found steady ground in music. And they’re experimenting well within their zone.

What sets Bona Bona apart from previous hits is its anthemic pre-chorus, dotted with military-like drum beats.

While the boys didn’t take the leap of faith this time with their title number, some other tracks in the album do exhibit a different facade of the band.

Take for example The Way To (2023), a track about self-reflection performed by the vocal unit comprising Park Jeong-woo, Junkyu and Jihoon.

And another unit track, Move (2023), which dropped ahead of the official arrival of the album. It was sung by only five members of the band: Jihoon, Junkyu, Yoon Jae-hyuk, So Jung-hwan and Doyoung.

If I had to choose, Stupid (2023) probably stood out the most for me. Amidst their experimentative music styles seen in their various title tracks, the boys kept to the basics for Stupid.

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Treasure’s iconic beat drops are still in place and that adds a refreshing twist to this otherwise nostalgic musical piece. Call me a sucker for older tunes, but this track somehow reminds me of Bigbang’s iconic hit Stupid Liar (2011).

Perhaps, it’s also the unconscious association due to the similarity of the titles.


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