Review: ITZY are exuding positivity and living their life in newest track Cake

ITZY recently dropped their seventh EP Kill My Doubt. And it's fronted by a fun and energetic track titled Cake.

Oliver Chan

| August 4, 2023
ITZY. Photo: JYP Entertainment

Before the official arrival of ITZY’s seventh EP Kill My Doubt (2023), the girls have already dished out two pre-release tracks for fans.

First came None of My Business (2023). Given that ITZY mainly focuses on dance and upbeat tracks, it gives more attention to members’ otherwise overlooked vocals.

None of My Business (2023) is a groovy breakup tune where the girls assert that a breakup is underway. “None of my business what you do / Same old repetitive story / We’re falling out, me and you,” they sing.

Bet On Me (2023) followed shortly after. And it’s another track that truly exhibits the girls’ vocals as the quintet harmonises with one another in this acapella-like track.

The girls sing about how their self-doubt and scepticism. But they end up betting on themselves anyways because there’s no other way out.

The star of the album is probably its title track Cake (2023). On the first listen, Cake feels like it’s inspired by Fifth Harmony’s Worth It (2015). Probably because of its introductory saxophone sounds.

It’s meant to create an impression and thereafter be addictive. So the girls rap the word cake repeatedly before delving into the verses.

Its chorus also transitions into a whole new segment altogether before going back to the chant of “Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake”.

Compared to their previous releases, Cake feels more light-hearted. After all, it’s about them living their lives and having full control of them.

Some think that the song might be archaic for a 2023 release. And that it would have been much better if it belonged to the 2010s.

But ITZY works their magic to keep it current, especially in its sci-fi-themed futuristic music video.

And the three-minute clip shows the girls performing their choreography with explosive pyrotechnics. All done without the use of a green screen.


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