Review: Mamamoo+’s dangdang is an unexpectedly funky, fun and fresh bop

The refreshing summer track does bear some stark contrast to the usual strong beats of Mamamoo’s songs, though.

Esther Low

| August 6, 2023
Mamamoo+. Photo: RBW Entertainment

Mamamoo is back. But this time, it’s only two out of the four girls. Composed of Solar and Moonbyul, Mamamoo+ is the quartet’s first official sub-unit.

And the duo just dropped their first album, Two Rabbits (2023).

Its title track, dangdang (2023), is quite an appealing and refreshing bop. And it bears a stark contrast to the usual strong beats of Mamamoo’s songs.

The music video starts with the duo sitting in a tent. They then open the song, moving around on a vivid blue sofa placed in the middle of a bright green floor.

These vibrant and bright colours are the key highlight of their release, as it’s meant to be playful and cheeky anyway.

The girls are clad in denim and white outfits, complementing the set’s opening colour palette.

The music video set is also dynamic. And it portrays the girls’ personalities and styles through the variety of background styles. 

From radiant hues of different colours, and floral, ethereal-like feels to graffiti walls, the aesthetics of dangdang are funky, fun and fresh.

Retro and jazzy beats fill the melody of the track. And the song’s catchy hook stays imprinted in your mind. So much that you cannot help but hum or sing along. 

Unlike Mamamoo’s other songs that have harder basses or have more oomph to them, dangdang is milder and softer. This inevitably results in a lack of a climax, a small shortcoming to the otherwise perfect summer song.

But Solar’s wispy and crisp vocals do bring out the summery vibes of this track. Separately, Moonbyul’s husky voice and powerful rapping give this track a charismatic touch.


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