Review: Brave Girls make stunning rebrand as BB Girls in newest drop, One More Time

BB Girls are currently signed under Warner Music Korea, and One More Time marks their first musical drop with their new band name.

Belinda Poh

| August 8, 2023
BB Girls
BB Girls. Photo: Press

BB Girls, formerly known as Brave Girls, recently made their rebrand with a new album, titled One More Time (2023).

This stunning rebrand comes after the four members of the group, Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji and Yuna, left Brave Entertainment in earlier the year in February.

Two months later, they signed with Warner Music Korea. And they will continue their activities under the new band name, BB Girls.

Many would know that Brave Girls are no new rookies. They debuted in 2011 but later saw their popularity skyrocket after a fan-captured video of Rollin’ (2017). And they have dropped quite several tracks thereafter, with One More Time being their latest one.

This retro, pop-funk track pays homage to Give It to Me by Rick James, known for his funk music.

The beat-heavy melody is balanced out by the bright but laid-back vocals, making it the perfect song to jam out to.

Contrary to their previous releases, One More Time offers more insight into the girls’ sophisticated and mature charms. Their previous releases, like Chi Mat Ba Ram (2021) had brighter concepts and were more fitting for the summer season.

While it shows a different side of the girls, the song is repetitive over time. Throughout the track, the girls chant the line: “Give it to me baby” repeatedly.

Their second track, Lemonade, has got upbeat melodies along with chill and refreshing vocals.

It is the perfect song to cool off with the current summer heat. And it’s also worth noting that Lemonade poses a stark contrast to their older discography, which was a lot more vocal-focused.


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