Review: BTS’ V offers preview for solo album Layover with Rainy Days and Love Me Again

V of BTS will drop his debut studio album Layover officially on 8 Sep. And he will collaborate with NewJeans' creative director Min Hee-jin.

Ashley Cheah

| August 12, 2023
BTS’ V in a promotional shot for his upcoming album Layover. Photo: HYBE Music

Following bandmate Jungkook’s solo debut just a month ago, the last member of BTS, V, is ready to go solo too.

Born Kim Tae-hyung, the 27-year-old singer is gearing up for his highly anticipated solo debut album titled Layover. His upcoming solo release will mark the final member of the globally renowned boy band to embark on his solo journey. And fans are already bracing themselves for what promises to be a musical masterpiece.

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In a surprising treat for fans, he recently dropped two music videos for tracks from the album, Love Me Again (2023) and Rainy Days (2023). The tracks give a tantalising glimpse into the musical journey that Layover will soon offer.

Love Me Again

Love Me Again is V’s call to get back someone special to him, in what seems like a one-sided plea. “I wish you would love me again / No I don’t want nobody else,” he sings.

He dons glittery outfits in the music video whilst performing the tune live.

V adds a cheeky touch of retro as well, probably to evoke those raw emotions. In some parts of the music video, we see V through what seems to be a camcorder-like filter, with glitchy shots and even footage of him singing as if he was in a karaoke session.

Rainy Days

The music video of Rainy Days dropped a while later after Love Me Again.

The concept of Rainy Days is slightly similar to that of Love Me Again. As he reminisces about the good days he had with someone during a well, rainy day.

In its introduction, the soft piano sounds set the reflective mood while V’s voice delivers a sense of melancholy that perfectly complements the song’s theme. The hauntingly beautiful melody intertwines with lyrics that capture the bittersweet nature of fleeting moments.

Both tracks offer some sense of calmness, with some semblance of lo-fi beats.

V’s debut studio album Layover will arrive on 8 Sep. And he will be collaborating with NewJeans creative director Min Hee-jin for this upcoming studio project.


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