K-Drama picks to quench your drama thirst: The Killing Vote, Moving and more …

HallyuSG brings you our K-drama recommendations for August, including The Killer Vote, Moving and other series.

Esther Low

| August 23, 2023
A still from South Korean drama Moving. Photo: Disney+

A new month means new Korean dramas for you.

With new Korean dramas dropping so frequently, K-drama fans can rest assured that they will never have to go through a Korean drama drought.

Here are four K-dramas to catch this August. 

1. The Killing Vote 

Lim Ji-yeon is back with yet another new Korean drama. She made headlines previously for her breakout role as the head vicious bully, Park Yeon-jin in The Glory (2022).

And she has since been in other productions like Lies Hidden in My Garden (2023), alongside actress Kim Tae-hee.

She returns in The Killing Vote as a police officer named Joo-hyeon alongside Park Hae-jin who plays Kim Moo-chan, the head of a regional investigation unit. Inspired by a webtoon, it tells of two police officers on the chase for an unidentified vigilante named Dog Mask.

Letting public polls determine the fates of criminals, he embarks on a killing spree while the pair works to hunt him down.

Veteran actor Park Sung-woong also stars in this drama as a former legal scholar Kwon Seok-joo, imprisoned for the murder of his daughter’s rapist.

The drama first aired on 10 Aug. It has a total of 12 episodes.

2. Moving

Han Hyo-joo has proven herself to be a versatile actress capable of portraying characters across different genres. From traditional dramas like Dong Yi (2010) to being a doctor in W: Two Worlds Apart (2016), she’s done it all.

She returns with this action-packed drama, Moving (2023), based on its original webtoon.

Moving also stars Lee Jung-ha, Go Youn-jung and Kim Do-hoon as classmates who train to control their special abilities and put them to good use while learning to keep a low profile.

The drama follows this trio with superpowers passed down from their parents as they try to keep themselves and their families out of sight and out of harm’s way.

Han Hyo-joo plays the role of their parents, alongside her experienced counterparts Zo In-sung and Ryu Seung-ryong.

Moving dropped on 9 Aug. It has a total of 20 episodes.

3. Behind Your Touch 

This crime comedy K-drama follows Han Ji-min, a country-side veterinarian named Bong Ye-bun. And she has psychometric powers that allow her to see the past of others.

The catch: she can only do this by touching their butts, or behinds. Perhaps this is the idea behind the drama’s English title.

Actor Lee Min-ki takes on the role of police detective Moon Jang-yeol. And the pair team up to solve cases, gradually becoming closer to each other in the process.

The series also stars EXO’s Suho as Kim Sun-woo, an odd-job worker and a new resident of the town.

Behind Your Touch dropped on 12 August. It has a total of 16 episodes.

4. My Lovely Boxer 

K-dramas themed around sports and athletes have been increasingly popular. From Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016) and Fight for my Way (2017) to coming-of-age drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022), this genre looks to remain in the K-drama arena.

Adding to this list is My Lover Boxer.

Based on the novel Pure Boxer, the drama revolves around a prodigious female boxer star named Lee Kwon-suk (Kim So-hye) who vanished from the ring at 17.

In her new life as a kindergarten teacher, she meets Kim Tae-young (Lee Sang-yeob), a cold and cutthroat sports agent. She finds herself returning to the ring after an unpredictable shift in her presumably normal life.

My Lovely Boxer first aired on 21 Aug.


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