Sorn on her newest track Rowdy: “It is quite a boundary-pushing moment for my own music”

Sorn told HallyuSG that she wrote Rowdy when she was feeling frustrated about a situation she was going through at that time.

Avier Tan

| August 25, 2023
Sorn Rowdy
Sorn and Seungyeon in a promotional shot for Rowdy. Photo: WILD

Sorn recently made her comeback with another girl-power anthem, titled Rowdy (2023).

The 26-year-old singer teamed up with labelmate Seungyeon for the fierce track. “Working with Seungyeon is comfortable as always,” Sorn told HallyuSG via an exclusive interview.

And it’s a joy to be working with the CLC member because “it always doesn’t feel like ‘work’,” she said.

“Working with her also takes a lot of weight off my shoulders,” Sorn revealed. Not only did she have someone to talk to along the way, but they also tapped into each other’s strengths.

As we all know, Seungyeon’s a great dancer and she helped Sorn quite a bit when it came to the performance portion of Rowdy. And Sorn also got to help her with the vocals aspect during the recording process.

Talking about Rowdy, Sorn tells us that conceptually, it is similar to her previous releases like Not A Friend (2023) and Nirvana Girl (2022).

It’s because Rowdy also has a distinct and strong theme. She wrote the track when she was feeling frustrated about a situation she was going through at that time.

It all started when Sorn went into the studio one day, telling her writer a snippet of her personal life and how frustrated she was. And Rowdy was born.

“I wouldn’t say that this is necessarily a diss track,” Sorn clarified. It’s more of an avenue for her to express those feelings.

True enough, there’s quite a fair bit of strong and powerful lines in the track. 

Even Sorn herself thinks that it’s quite a “boundary-pushing moment” for her own music.

“I would have never thought I would be able to pull this type of concept off at all. And especially the rap part because this is my first time rapping in a song,” she said.

Following Rowdy, there are a few songs that Sorn is working on, slated to drop this year.

“There are also some artists that are on my list of dream collaborations, so I hope to be able to do that as well,” she said.

When asked about what she has in store for Singapore fans specifically, Sorn did not divulge much. “All I can say is I have exciting news for you guys in the very near future,” she teased.


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