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Show Review: It’s all about Sik-K at his Singapore concert — the passion for his craft, his talent and his fans

Despite playing a show at Drip Singapore just months back, it's hard to get sick of Sik-K and his groovy tunes.

Esther Low

| August 28, 2023
Sik-K performing his Singapore leg of the Asia tour at Capitol Theatre. HallyuSG Photo: Avier Tan

South Korean rapper Sik-K, or Kwon Min-sik, was in town on Thursday (24 Aug).

He was here as part of his Asian tour, which comprises two stops. The Singapore one came after his Hong Kong show, held just a day before on 23 Aug.

His intimate gig saw the Capitol Theatre’s stall seats removed. And organisers morphed the first floor into a mosh pit for fans.

The 29-year-old rapper saw a pretty good turnout for the one-hour performance. Songs like Iffy (2017) and Rendezvous (2016) seemed to be crowd favourites of the night. As screams in the theatre were a notch higher and louder.

His sleek delivery and teasing of his fans, like throwing his towel to the crowd, asking fans if they love him, and flaunting his muscles and abs sure got the temperature rising.

It was no wonder he had to splash some water on both sides to cool things down a little.

The show, mostly free-standing, with some fans in circle seats, allowed the crowd space to dance and groove with him. The atmosphere felt more like a party or a club than it did a concert, with a DJ console and the fans waving their hands in the air.

Sik-K’s Special Guest: Shigga Shay

Around the midpoint mark of the night, Sik-K also introduced a special guest for his tour – homegrown artiste Shigga Shay.

Introducing himself as the Lion City boy, he treated the crowd to a mix of English and Chinese rap tracks. That’s staying true to his Singaporean roots.

Back to Sik-K, his show here felt authentic, as there were no over-the-top effects or any outfit changes.

It was purely Sik-K, his passion for his craft, his talent, and the fans. Sik-K went the extra mile, delighting fans with some fan service. He went off stage for a short period to shake hands and high-five fans. Some even took selfies and pictures with him.

Despite playing at Drip Singapore just months back, it’s hard to get sick of Sik-K. Perhaps, his next show in Singapore might just come again in a few months’ time?


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