Mina shares her daily skincare routine, and how it differs amidst busy schedules and tours

Here’s a tip from the SK-II Ambassador Mina herself: try to be as gentle as possible during your skincare routine.

Avier Tan

| August 31, 2023
SK-II Mina
Global artist Mina at the SK-II Secret Key House with the PITERA™ Essence. Photo: SK-II

SK-II is taking skincare to a whole new level.

The brand recently launched the SK-II Secret Key House in Tokyo. And global artist Mina was one of the few ambassadors present there.

This is the 26-year-old singer’s first time meeting and interacting with PITERA™ fans physically, due to the global pandemic last year.

“I was really excited to have the opportunity to talk to my fans about my skin transformational journey with PITERA™”, she told HallyuSG.

She covered her skin transformational journey previously in the form of videos. But it would be “wonderful to share about my experience and skincare tips in person.” she added.

For Mina, her “daily skincare routine is quite consistent,” she said. After cleansing and toning, she pats the PITERA™ Essence into her skin, followed by the GenOptics Ultraura Essence.

She also recently incorporated the newly launched Skinpower Advanced Cream, SK-II’s anti-ageing cream into her routine.

Even when her band is touring, there is no compromising of skincare.

“The only difference is that I may use facial masks more often when I’m touring,” she shared.

Talking about TWICE, Mina also shared that all members of the girl band are “very keen on skincare”. Each member has got their own favourite products, tips and know-how that they openly share with one another.

Even her fellow members know that she’s using the transformative PITERA™.

SK-II Mina
Mina taking a closer look at the PITERA™ Essence, at the SK-II Secret Key House. Photo: SK-II

If you, too, want to try it out for yourself, here’s how to start.

“Prioritise moisturisation so that your skin is well-hydrated throughout the day and night” is Mina’s advice.

Some may think that our skin is only dry in winter and not in summer. But that’s not true.

That’s where PITERA™ comes into play. “Because it simultaneously synchronises multiple skin functions to maintain crystal clear skin throughout the seasons,” she said.

Here’s a tip from Mina herself: try to be as gentle as possible during your skincare routine.

Whether it’s applying essence or cream, pat it in gently without any friction.


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