Blackpink’s Rosé muses on the notion of travel with Rimowa in latest campaign

It only seems fitting that Blackpink's Rosé goes back to basics in the campaign, with a white Hybrid Cabin in hand.

Sidney Yuen

| September 7, 2023
Rosé Rimowa
Photo: Rimowa

There’s no denying Rimowa has been the leader in the suitcase game, and with the launch of their latest campaign, the Maison once again proves why they’re at the very top.

Joining forces with none other than Blackpink’s Rosé, Sir Lewis Hamilton and Kylian Mbappé for the latest installation of the Never Still Campaign. Exploring the notion of travel through the lens of their claim to fame, it seems that jet setting has undeniably been a reckoning force in their career trajectory.

In addition to the trifecta of global superstars headlining the campaign, Rimowa has also tapped on the musical talents of Hans Zimmer—the man behind the world’s most thrilling film scores of all time. Bringing his own twist on German excellence and refinement, the composer crafted bespoke tracks accompanying the campaign films featuring global icons.

This marks Zimmer’s second collaboration with the brand following the re-launch of the classic Pilot Case.

Rosé Rimowa
Photo: Rimowa

As a part of the world’s leading girl group, fashion icon and trendsetter, it only seems fitting that Rosé goes back to basics in the campaign, with a white Hybrid Cabin in hand.

Captured in her raw moments in Paris, the singer takes a break from the glitz and glam of K-pop in exchange for a soulful journey while musing on the concept of home in an age of modern travel.

“Travel allowed me to expand my meaning of home. As travelling has become an essential part of my life, I’ve realised that home has become more of a state of mind than a specific place. It’s a collection of memories, experiences and people that provide a sense of belonging,” she says.

From touring the world with her band members to sitting front row at fashion week, it’s evident that travel is the one constant in Rosé’s life.

Photo: Rimowa

A legend among legends, Sir Lewis Hamilton is defined by his incredible drive and resilience—one simply doesn’t win a world championship 7 times in a row, let alone Formula 1 without such qualities.

He may be used to being in the driver’s seat, but it’s evident from the campaign that Hamilton is grounded in an open heart to broadening his worldview in the passenger’s seat. “I have spent my whole career travelling the world, and those experiences have shaped who I am as both a driver and a human.

It was only through seeing new places and perspectives that I really learned to challenge my way of thinking and to embrace the endless possibilities that the world holds. Home is where I reflect, but it’s through travel that I’m truly inspired,” says the Formula 1 World Champion.

At the age of 24, Kylian Mbappé is a global superstar. The face of French football may seem like he was destined to be on the fields, but behind the numbered jersey is a young man who’s come a long way to pave the way for the next generation of dreamers.

Behind his success on the football pitch lies the courage to keep moving forward—which also happens to be the spirit of Rimowa’s constant innovation in travel solutions and striving for the best. Arguably the greatest forward of his generation, with an amalgamation of the best technical skills required of a footballer, it seems only fitting that Mbappé cosies up with the epitome of German fine engineering.

As the fourth chapter in Rimowa’s Never Still Campaign, the Maison addresses the human need for travel, for journeys beyond our personal comfort zones—beyond the high profile celebrities that front the campaign, Never Still 4 questions the very reason to why we travel, and the beauty in each and every expedition taken.

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