4 BTS merchandise you can’t miss out on — from ear buds to Mahjong tiles

There's a variety of BTS merchandise available, but HallyuSG looks at some of the essentials you should have as an Army.

Esther Low

| September 8, 2023
BTS Merchandise
The BTS-themed Mahjong set costs around S$204 and can be purchased online. Photo: Pinkoi

K-pop culture is not just coming together as a community through music.

It transcends past fan meetings, music, concerts and even the fans themselves.

Fervent support of one’s favourite group also extends to supporting brands their idols endorse, restaurants they patronise and purchasing merchandise or items inspired by the group.

HallyuSG looks at four BTS merchandise that the Army, a term for BTS fans, must own.

1. BTS Light Stick (Army Bomb)

This is a necessity for every fandom. For ARMYs, the BTS light stick is a basic concert commodity.

The newest version has different settings for it to be lit up at different intervals. The various modes allow for fans to select their function of choice to suit the performance or song.

BTS Merchandise
BTS’ fans, collectively known as Army, raise their Army Bomb at BTS’ concert to form a sea of purple. Photo: Kate Ringland/Medium

You can also use it for fan gatherings or cafe events.

Who says you can only use the group’s lightstick at their performances? Go ahead and put the Army Bomb to good use.

2. BT21 Dolls

Adorable and iconic, the BTS dolls are a must-cop if you are an Army. Or if you’re a sucker for cute things.

BT21 is a collaboration between Line Friends and BTS. The members themselves were also actively involved in the entire creative process from ideation to elaboration.

All the more reason why you should own these charming dolls.

3. Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G and Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition

If you have not joined the flip side, you might have missed out. These sleek new phones come coated in a dreamy hazy purple, the representative colour of the BTS fandom.

This limited-edition smartphone comes with live wallpaper and a touch of BTS injected into its imagery.

This highly coveted Samsung phone might be sold out. But fret not; as you can still own the BTS edition of the Galaxy Buds+.

I’m weak for pretty packaging and pastel colours, and this soft shade of Bora Purple has me sold. If black, white or dark colours are more your colour palette, the earbuds also come in Graphite and White.

4. BTS-themed Mahjong Set

While we are now in the month of September, the new year will be here in the blink of an eye.

BTS Merchandise
The BTS-themed Mahjong set. Photo: Pinkoi

Snag this cosmic-themed mahjong set for your next game with family and friends. No prizes for guessing what colour this mahjong set comes in.

Purple accents decorate the tiles, dice and rulers. Its tiles come in a clean, chic black base with BT21 printed in white. BT21 character motifs make for aesthetically pleasing tiles.

Hopefully, this BTS merchandise will help in making the mahjong session smooth (like butter), and simultaneously distract the opponent from winning.


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