Looks on the up as worn by K-pop bands Enhypen, RIIZE and more…

These groups, like BOYNEXTDOOR and RIIZE, consistently showcase the latest fashion trends that are currently dominating the scene.

Lance Aeron

| September 11, 2023
K-pop boy band RIIZE. Photo: SM Entertainment

If you’re looking for new music to bop your head to, these Korean boy groups have certainly delivered. Boy group acts such as RIIZE, BOYNEXTDOOR, Enhypen, and Cravity are out with recent releases that most possibly will be on repeat.

With most of them being fairly new in the industry. RIIZE, BOYNEXTDOOR, and Cravity have each released new songs that bring a fresh sound to the K-Pop scene.

Meanwhile, Enhypen dropped their Japanese version of Bite Me (2023) and unveiled their latest Japanese single, You (2023).

But it’s not just their music that’s turning heads; it’s their fashion-forward style.

These groups are creating entire visual experiences that set them apart in the saturated landscape that is K-Pop, from grungecore to excessive prints. These groups consistently showcase the latest fashion trends that are currently dominating the scene.


Ripped jeans. Slashed denim. Baggy cardis. Loose Knits. Leather. Grunge is back and it’s looking all sorts of familiar. More apparent in BOYNEXTDOOR’s MV, the members were all spotted rocking garments in the Grungecore aesthetic.

A concept teaser from BOYNEXTDOOR’s 1st EP Why… Photo: K’Oz Entertainment

Hats, Baby!

These boy groups were all about head accessories. Beanies, caps, headbands, and berets made frequent appearances in MVs of these groups.

However, RIIZE and BOYNEXTDOOR were particularly bold when it came to covering their heads. Anton from RIIZE was spotted wearing a Chrome Hearts beanie, while Woonhak from BOYNEXTDOOR rocked a Vivienne Westwood beanie.

Anton from RIIZE wears a Chrome Hearts beanie. Photo: SM Entertainment

Prints Galore

These groups fearlessly expressed themselves and their emotions through a variety of patterns and prints. Sporadic visual motifs appeared throughout the music videos of RIIZE, BOYNEXTDOOR, and Cravity, as well as appearing on sweaters and ringer tees to jackets.

Animal prints, abstract designs, and graphics were all prominently featured. These visual elements played a crucial role in conveying the narratives and emotions of their songs.

A concept teaser from BOYNEXTDOOR’s 1st EP Why.. Photo: K’Oz Entertainment

Slumber Party

In the upcoming season of fall the notion of comfort is no less essential. Sweaters, knits, loose-fitting garments, and baggy silhouettes were seen all throughout the various MVs.

RIIZE, in particular, confidently embraced a laid-back style, accentuated by their use of baggy silhouettes in their skateboard-themed MV.

RIIZE member Shotaro in a teaser image for the group’s first single album Get a Guitar. Photo: SM Entertainment

Layers and Layers

All four groups appeared in MVs sporting layered looks, whether it was grungecore, skater-boy style, or even a uniformed appearance. Each of them incorporated elements of layering into their outfits.

BOYNEXTDOOR member Jaehyun in a MV photo for their newest track But Sometimes. Photo: K’Oz Entertainment

All sorts of Denim

Ripped, slashed, muddy, dark, and light-washed denim – denim unmistakably asserted itself as the essential piece in everyone’s wardrobe, adapting to all of the groups’ various styles.

RIIZE showcased a second look, with the members wearing white shirts paired with different styles of denim. While Enhypen showcased a more uniform style with custom jackets paired with ripped jeans.

BOYNEXTDOOR member Taesan in a concept photo for the group’s first EP Why… Photo: K’Oz Entertainment

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