Review: BTS’s V takes you Slow Dancing in his debut album’s focus track

BTS' V recently dropped the music video of Slow Dancing, a romantic, ‘70s-style soul song with a laid-back vibe.

Esther Low

| September 12, 2023
V Slow Dancing
BTS’ V recently dropped the music video for his track Slow Dancing. Photo: Weverse Magazine

BTS’ V is coming strong with his solo debut, as we’ve previously seen with Love Me Again (2023) and Rainy Days (2023).

And now comes a new tune Slow Dancing (2023). Its music video was released last Saturday (8 Sep).

It is a romantic, ‘70s-style soul song with a laid-back vibe, as suggested by its title. Musically, it’s aligned in line with the other tunes in the album.

“It’s a song that you can listen to while feeling relaxed,” said V.

Truly, it’s a tune you’ll want to turn on at night at a bar or a lounge, with a glass of champagne in your hand.

Unlike the upbeat BTS dance tracks, Slow Dancing gets you swooning with a soft yet steady percussion beat in the background that complements V’s soulful and sultry vocals.

And it’s comforting to know that V is forging his own musical direction, creating sounds that define himself as a soloist.

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The accompanying music video opens with a short few seconds of V swimming in the sea with some friends. And the entire clip just gives off a soulful vibe that screams retro and old-school soul.

On creative direction, V teamed up with Ador’s CEO and creative director for girl group NewJeans, Min Hee-jin. She actively led the record’s creative process — from direction to music production.

V’s debut studio album will see a total of six tracks, including a piano rendition of Slow Dancing. This tracklist is just what we need to get us into a holiday mood as we transition into fall.

Separately, the music video for Blue, another track in the album, will drop tomorrow (13 Sep).


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