2023 MTV VMAs: TXT performs new song with Anitta, Stray Kids win Best K-pop

The 2023 MTV VMAs took place on 12 Sep (GMT -4), at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Dayna Yam

| September 16, 2023
2023 MTV VMAs
Stray Kids performing their recent release, S-Class at this year’s MTV VMAs. Photo: Press

Like all award shows, the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) is full of glitz and glamour.

This year’s edition of the MTV VMAs took place on 12 Sep (GMT -4), at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

HallyuSG takes a look at the K-pop acts and wraps up on the happenings on the red carpet (pink carpet, rather) as well as the actual award show.

1. TXT boys are decked in Dior

Dior announced that TXT will be their global brand ambassadors on 10 Aug (Thu).

2023 MTV VMAs
(L to R) Taehyun, Yeonjun, Soobin, Huening Kai and Beomgyu at the pink carpet of the 2023 MTV VMAs. Photo: VMA

Since then, the boys have been seen in Dior since their Lollapalooza headlining performance. The group posed on the pink carpet in their Dior suits, suited to their own personal style.

2. Stray Kids on their nomination for best K-pop

When asked before the show how they felt about being nominated, the Stray Kids boys remained humble.

Member Felix said, “Honestly, we don’t want to get our hopes too high because we always want to strive harder. And always want to work past our limits. We’re just here to show what we have and we can’t wait to show our fans what we prepared tonight.”

Bangchan added: “We’re very nervous. But at the same time, it’s the VMAs, we are here to have a good time and hopefully, something good happens. But we can’t wait to show you guys what we prepared.”

When an interviewer told them that their album 5-Star topped the Billboard Top 20 chart for 13 weeks, Bangchan looked visibly surprised. “13 weeks?”, he exclaimed.

3. TXT performs new track, featuring Anitta

After teasing their new track for some time on social media, the boys finally performed their newest track Back For More (2023) at the VMAs.

The song features Brazilian singer Anitta, and she offers a sultry feel to the tune.

It even has a short section where Yeonjun and Anitta perform a short dance together, making their fans go wild.

4. Awards won

2023 is definitely the year for K-pop.

Stray Kids won Best K-pop for S-Class (2023), and TXT won PUSH Performance of the Year with Sugar Rush Ride (2023).

To add to the list, Jungkook won Song of the Summer for Seven (feat. Latto) (2023). And Blackpink was crowned Group Of The Year.

The girl group also won best choreography for Pink Venom, choreographed by Kiel Tutin, Leejung and Taryn of YGX, and Sienna Lalau.


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