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Show Review: P1Harmony amp up fans’ energy with spontaneous jokes and their hottest hits

P1Harmony entertained their local fans with some of their hottest hits, but also flexed their humour muscles with spontaneous jokes.

Dayna Yam, Esther Low

| September 18, 2023
P1Harmony performed at The Theatre at Mediacorp, as part of their P1oneer live tour. Photo: FNC Entertainment

P1Harmony brought their live tour, titled the P1oneer tour, to Singapore yesterday (17 Sep).

The boys entertained their local fans with some of their hottest hits like JUMP (2023), Do It Like This (2022) and Follow Me (2022). Between their sets, members also flexed their humour muscles, bringing occasional spur-of-the-moment jokes.

Here are three highlights from P1Harmony’s 2½-hour set from their first Singapore show.

Top-tier fan service and interactions

While most concerts are held in arenas, P1Harmony’s show, held at The Theatre at Medicorp was much more intimate.

The boys used this to their advantage, waving to fans and doing spontaneous heart poses for them throughout the show. When they sang Gotta Get Back (feat. Pink Swear$) (2022), they sat at the edge of the stage in pairs.


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P1Harmony were just mere centimetres away from the fans.

But the boys got even closer to them during their encore segment. Surprising the 1000-strong crowd, they went to the crowd to greet fans as they performed Swagger (2022).

Solo stages allowed individual charms to shine

Members took turns to show their skills and talents by performing separate stages. This ranged from sultry vocal performances to a fiery rap number.

Clad in outfits that matched their segment, they treated fans to their own rendition of various tracks. Theo covered DEAN’s 21 (2016), Soul re-interpreted JOONIL JUNG’s Hug Me (2011) and Keeho served his own version of Beyonce’s Deja Vu (ft. Jay-Z) (2007).

Members Intak and Jeongsob rapped to an original piece titled Bow Wow, in what seems to be a rap battle.

These stages brought out their individual charms and allowed fans to appreciate each member on his own. The boys also successfully serenaded the crowd with their rich vocals and rap prowesses.

A massive and unplanned birthday celebration

The band’s leader, Keeho, whose birthday is in September, asked September babies in the audience to stand up so they could celebrate their birthdays together.

Some fans then stood up, following his instructions. “I think I need to verify your IDs,” he jokingly teased.

P1Harmony backstage after performing at the Singapore leg of their P1oneer live tour. Photo: FNC Entertainment

But instead of giving a physical present to their fans, he gifted them with something they’ll probably remember for time to come. He got members to sing him a birthday song, fitted with a small rap segment in between.

P1Harmony sure knows how to change things up to delight their fans.


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