Bae Suzy crosses paths with Yang Se-jong in Netflix K-series Doona!

Inspired by the popular webtoon The Girl Downstairs, Doona! promises to reveal an unparalleled romance story.

Esther Low

| September 24, 2023
Bae Suzy and Yang Se-jeong are the main leads in new Netflix series Doona! Photo: Netflix

A new month and a new K-drama arrives.

Suzy is back with a new romance series, Doona! that will drop on 20 Oct on Netflix. The series is one of the most anticipated Netflix romance series of the year.

Inspired by the popular webtoon The Girl Downstairs, this Netflix original K-drama promises to reveal an unparalleled romance story.


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Suzy, known for her role as Seo Dal-mi in Start-Up (2020), plays Doona, an ex-idol. She will star alongside co-star Yang Se-jong, known for series like Dr. Romantic (2016). He anchors Doona’s stormy voyage as the male lead Lee Won-joon.

The nine-episode coming-of-age romance series touches on themes of love triangles, roommates, and college life. As well as romantic and bittersweet tones.

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Its trailer also alludes to a romantic saga. Doona, who’s now living her post-idol life, meets the tenacious Lee Won-joon in an idyllic shared house.

Their chemistry is intriguing as Doona’s candid feelings bewitch a perplexed Won-jun.

The series is crafted by Crash Landing on You’s (2019) director Lee Jung-hyo. He will be sure to bring viewers for an enrapturing ride under his masterful hand.

Posters of the upcoming series give fans a clearer idea of what they can expect through the drama series. They are dotted with dialogues like “What goes in that mind of yours? I am dying to know” and “But don’t fall for me either”.

So fans can well guess the charged interaction between the two leads.

In other K-drama news, Blackpink’s Jisoo and Park Jung-min will be starring in the new Zombie drama, Influenza.


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