Review: IVE offers glimpse into first EP with dreamy synth single Either Way

Singing about how they are perceived as idols, Either Way comes before IVE officially drops their 1st EP, titled I've Mine, on 13 Oct.

Oliver Chan

| September 28, 2023
IVE dropped a pre-release single Either Way, ahead of the release of their 1st EP I’ve Mine. Photo: Starship Entertainment

Ahead of the official release of their 1st EP I’ve Mine, South Korean girl group IVE offers fans a glimpse into the album.

The sextet dropped a pre-release dreamy synth single Either Way (2023) on Monday (25 Sep).

For those waiting for the girl group to drop flashy dance tracks like their previous pieces of music, you might have to wait a little more.

Compared to tunes like After LIKE (2022), Eleven (2021) and Kitsch (2023), Either Way is much slower and mellower in terms of delivery.

It’s not IVE’s usual musical style, but to hear a piece like that coming out from the usually bubbly and energetic girl group is a refreshing change.

It’s sufficiently contrasting to pique fans’ interest in what’s coming.

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The track is more focused on the group’s vocalists, as they sing about how the public thinks of them as idols and artists.

IVE at their first fan concert at The Star Theatre. HallyuSG Photo: Avier Tan

But what really hits it is that one line in the track.

“They say it’s becausе she’s an “I” and you’re an “E”/Well, let’s just do a “V” together then,” they sing. Even though some members are I (introverted) and others are E (extroverted), it’s all good fun.

IVE’s 1st EP, I’ve Mine, will drop officially as a whole on 13 Oct, with lead single Baddie.

Separately, the group will also be kicking off their first-ever world tour Show What I Have in Seoul’s Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

It will be a two-night show, held from 7 to 8 Oct. The concert on the second night will also be available for fans to stream online.


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