Drama Review: Disney+’s The Worst of Evil examines the price of power and money

The Worst of Evil served up perfectly choreographed action scenes which make it a satisfying watch, elevated further by the leading stars.

Belinda Poh

| September 29, 2023
The Worst of Evil
The official publicity poster for Disney+’s newest crime-action series The Worst of Evil. Photo: Disney+

Disney+’s new series, The Worst of Evil (2023) intertwines crime, action and noir. And it stars various A-list actors, including Wi Ha-joon, Ji Chang-wook and Im Se-mi.

It centres on Jung Gi-cheol, a DJ played by Wi Ha-joon. Jung was first introduced and offered a lucrative deal of owning a club in Gangnam. But with one condition: get his friends into the gang to run the Gangnam region together.

The Worst of Evil
Jung Gi-cheol (Wi Ha-joon) was a DJ in the Gangnam district, but he now heads one of the biggest drug rings. Photo: Disney+

After some power struggles, the gang then shifted into drug trading.

Then, he crossed paths with undercover cop Park Jun-mo (Ji Chang-wook), who’s a mole in the drug ring. Through a series of events, Park gets close to Jung and is even his close ally after gaining his trust.

A tricky relationship

But a complication comes. Park’s wife is an elite police officer Yoo Eui-jung (Im Se-mi), and she is Jung’s childhood friend and his first love.

This tricky relationship is one that gets viewers on the edge of their seats as the protagonists navigate their way to achieve their goals. Jung for more power and money, while Park goes on to seek justice and nab the gang.

In between all these, though, The Worst of Evil served up perfectly choreographed action scenes which make it a satisfying watch.

But both Ji Chang-wook and Wi Ha-joon further elevate the mostly bloody and gory performance.

The Worst of Evil
Park Jun-mo (Ji Chang-wook) plays an undercover cop, who seeks to infiltrate the drug ring. Photo: Disney+

Wi usually plays the cop, so taking on the role of the head of a drug ring is a change for him. And it’s hard to spot any trace of Ji Chang-wook in his performance of Park too.

As with all other K-dramas, The Worst of Evil ends every episode with a sickening cliffhanger that makes everyone yearn for more.

But that’s the very appeal that keeps me wanting to watch further to find out if Park will succeed in bringing justice, or get his intricately plotted plan exposed.

The Worst of Evil is now streaming on Disney+.


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