Lee Jong-suk hopes to visit the Botanic Gardens and eat chilli crab in upcoming Singapore trip

Lee Jong-suk talks to HallyuSG about his acting journey, fashion and how he feels coming back to Singapore, ahead of his fan meeting here.

Avier Tan

| September 30, 2023
Lee Jong-suk
Lee Jong-suk at his Dear. My With fan meeting tour. Photo: A-man Project

South Korean actor Lee Jong-suk last came to Singapore seven years ago for a fan meeting. Despite not visiting for a few years, the 34-year-old actor still adores the city-state.

“Whether in my 20s or 30s, I find that I still love Singapore. It is always clean, and it’s a well-organised city,” he told HallyuSG in an exclusive e-mail interview.

He will be coming back next Wednesday (4 Oct), for the Singapore leg of his fan meeting tour titled Dear. My With.

On acting and switching roles

The tour came after his latest drama work Big Mouth (2022), a legal-noir series. Reflecting on his acting journey, Lee said after some serious thought that he would want to swap roles with Park Soo-ha from I Can Hear Your Voice (2013), a high school senior who can read people’s minds.

But that’s only if was for a day. “I think it would be fun to read the minds of people around me quickly,” he explained.

If it was for a prolonged period of time, Lee would prefer turning back time to be a high school student. He said that Go Nam-soon from the coming-of-age drama School 2013 (2013) “wouldn’t be a bad choice either”.

On fashion

Aside from being known for his acting, Lee is also a fashion icon who modelled for several brands. Now, Lee, who is in his mid-30s, values “comfort over beauty”.

He thinks it’s more comfortable to wear pants with a wider cut, for instance. Though the key to dressing well is colour-coordinating, he said.


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There’s also no denying that his tall and slender physique is why everything fits him to the T.

Lee also puts in effort to maintain his body. Feeling that his stamina has been decreasing, he started physical training in the gym. Being more health-conscious, he also controls his diet by having one meal a day and taking various supplements for nourishment.

On coming back to Singapore

Coming back to Singapore after seven years, Lee has a list of things he wants to do here. “I want to see many new, beautiful in Singapore this time, including the Botanic Gardens. I heard it’s the oldest one in Singapore,” he said.

During his last trip, he didn’t get to eat the highly-raved chilli crab. So that’s on his must-eat list as well.

Live: Lee Jong-suk 2023 Fanmeeting Tour Dear. My With in Singapore
Date: 4 Oct 2023 (Wed)
Time: 8PM
Venue: The Esplanade Theatre


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