Longchamp revisits its roots at the races with ambassador Kim Se-jeong

We're now off to the races with Longchamp and its Asia brand ambassador, South Korean singer and actress Kim Se-jeong.

Sidney Yuen

| October 1, 2023
Kim Se-jeong
Photo: GRAZIA Singapore/Longchamp

There’s an undeniable conviction in what luxury leather house Longchamp has cultivated since its establishment in 1948. To this day, the maison has retained its independent family-run business model amidst an age where IPO listings and brand acquisitions have reached an all time high in the fashion industry.

But unlike the other players in the game, Longchamp has their eyes set on preserving the legacy Jean Cassegrain created 75 years ago as he looked to mills of the Longchamp racecourse in Paris for inspiration behind the iconic logo of a galloping horse, a symbol that the maison has never lost sight of since its conception. Since then, the brand has unleashed a slew of stylish accessories for the modern woman.

While Longchamp is most famously known for their Le Pliage bag—a best-seller that went viral for being hailed as the forever It bag—it has long been open to experimentation and rolling with the times, that is, inclusive of its most recent collection headlined by South Korean singer and actress Kim Se-jeong.

The 27-year-old actress, with a Box-Trot bag slung over her shoulder took to the races in the recent Fall/Winter 2023 campaign “At The Races”, in an ensemble aptly inspired by the stables.

Kim Se-jeong
Photo: GRAZIA Singapore/Longchamp

In upholding the finest quality and highest axiom of leather craftsmanship, it only seems fitting that the French brand returns to its ties to equestrianism with updated silhouettes and hues to bring forth the savoir-faire and energy much associated with horse racing.

Directly citing the inspiration for the collection, Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine shares her passion for the figures behind the race course, “the horse and jockey pairing has a very special place in my heart—it is the entire history of our maison that I am revisiting with this collection.”

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It’s clear that no detail here is simply by chance. Just like the art of horse-racing, rigour and perfection are the hallmarks of the collection—each piece is designed to be layered, be it a frilly blouse peeking through a structured suit or a cozy scarf resting atop quilted gilet.

Kim Se-jeong
Photo: GRAZIA Singapore/Longchamp

Unsurprisingly, the maison’s ready-to-wear collection strikes just the right balance between practical and chic, drawing inspiration from professional jockeys that have been central to Longchamp’s history—from colour-blocked parkas to lace-up boots, the classic rider’s uniform is elevated to wearable pieces for the everyday.

Along with the tradition of jockeying, there’s much to be said about the value of a timeless bag. The Box-Trot bag is an invitation of its own right—a sophisticated canvas calling to be made one’s own with its sleek silhouette and undeniable versatility.

Now in refreshingly bold shades of cobalt-blue and grass-green as a loving ode to the titillating energy of equestrian race days, the maison makes a strong case for going all in on accessorising without ever compromising on practicality.

As the name suggests, the geometric bag proves to be the purse of choice for the modern woman with its capacious interior, the perfect catchall for everyday necessities and easily taking it from a day to night look thanks to its chic construction.

And in true Parisienne fashion, the Box-Trot is stunningly enduring through the ever-changing cycles of fashion—a perfect showcase of Longchamp’s resolution to creating accessories for the everyday woman at every age, in all walks of life.

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