Nam Joo-hyuk is all out to seek justice in new Disney+ drama Vigilante, dropping on 8 Nov

Vigilante follows a police university student played by Nam Joo-hyuk, who takes things into his own hands to track down criminals.

Dayna Yam

| October 1, 2023
Nam Joo-hyuk
Nam Joo-hyuk will star in Disney+’s Vigilante, set to drop in November. Photo: Disney+

Fans of Nam Joo-hyuk can rejoice. The actor’s latest drama Vigilante will premiere on Disney+ come 8 Nov (Wed).

The drama is an adaptation of a Naver webtoon of the same title, written by Kim Kyu-sam. The series follows Kim Ji-yong (played by Nam) who is a police university student who tracks down criminals.

It all started when he was young. His mother was beaten by a thug without reason on the street, and he only received a 3½-year sentence in prison.

Entering the police academy, he wants to take things into his own hands and seek justice.

During the weekdays, he is a model student at the police university. But during the weekends, he punishes criminals who received ridiculously light sentences and continue to commit criminal acts

The plot thickens when reporter Choi Mi-ryeo (Kim So-jin) catches on this case. And investigator Joheon (played by Yoo Jitae) is after the vigilante who has been receiving much attention from the media and political and business circles.

A newly released poster depicts Nam in his police uniform with his vigilante alter ego’s shadow. This alludes to the distinction between both his facades.

In the teaser, Nam is seen delivering his line, “The law has loopholes. I’ll close those loopholes myself. This is justice.” This strong persona and character is sure to keep fans excited for what is in stall for Nam, who’s dubbed as the dark hero.


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Before Vigilante, Nam has already captured the hearts of his fans in his leading role in Twenty Five, Twenty One (2022).

Nam wrapped up the filming of Vigilante before he enlisted on 20 March earlier this year. He is expected to be discharged in September 2024.


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