Review: BTS’ Jungkook drops tastefully cheeky new track 3D, featuring Jack Harlow

3D is the newest release from BTS' Jungkook. It's primarily a pop R&B track seasoned with various Western influences.

Oliver Chan

| October 2, 2023
Jungkook 3D
BTS’ Jungkook with American rapper Jack Harlow. Photo: @BTS_twt/Twitter

We’re still humming to the chorus of Seven (2023), Jungkook’s previous solo release which dropped in July.

But the BTS member is not letting any time go wasted. He just dropped yet another solo piece, titled 3D (feat. Jack Harlow) (2023), in collaboration with American rapper Jack Harlow.

Like Seven, 3D uses quite a bit of repetition to get the song in your mind, so much so that you’ll start humming it instinctively.

But the cherry on top of the track is, really, Jungkook’s alluring whispers in the first chorus.

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3D is primarily a pop R&B track seasoned with various Western influences. Later into the track, Jungkook also teams up with American rapper Jack Harlow.

While the rap verse in 3D is much less expressive than that in Seven, the duo’s voices still make a good fit.

Lyrically, 3D talks about feelings toward an unattainable person from various dimensions. It’s also a tastefully cheeky track by Jungkook, who’s previously known for his boy-next-door innocent image.

But the 26-year-old vocalist is breaking out of his shell, as he sings lyrics like “champagne confetti,” which is heard quite frequently throughout 3D.

The best line in 3D? It has to be “I wanna see it in motion, in 3D”.

Fans would also realise that 3D is entirely sung in English.

Now, this is Jungkook’s next step as he prepares for the international stage. As if he wasn’t already there.

But safe to say, 3D is definitely a step in the right direction to propel the BTS member to further heights, especially in the States.


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Separately, Jungkook previously took centre stage at the 2023 Global Citizen Festival, held at New York City’s Central Park.


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