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Show Review: 3 things we learnt about Kim Seon-ho from his first Singapore fan meeting

We all know that Kim Seon-ho is a pretty seasoned actor. But we also learnt other things about him at his first fan meeting in Singapore.

Li Meixian

| October 5, 2023
Kim Seon-ho
South Korean actor Kim Seon-ho held his fan meeting here in Singapore, at The Star Theatre on 15 Sep. Photo: PULP Live World

Kim Seon-ho, who many might know from hit series like Start Up (2020) or Hometown Cha Cha Cha (2021), concluded his Asia Tour in Singapore.

It was one which left fans beaming with joy.

Titled to sound like one’s posing for a photo, his fan meeting is named One, Two, Three. Smile.

And that perfectly encapsulated Kim’s desire to create precious moments and smiles with his fans.

We all know that Kim is a pretty seasoned actor. But through his Singapore fan meet, here are three other things we learnt about him.

1. He’s a true foodie

Kim’s first visit to Singapore left him enchanted. And he described it as a fairy tale that came to life.

And a big part of it is because of our local cuisine.

Like many other Korean artists who’ve visited Singapore, his favourite dish is the iconic chilli crabs, a local delicacy that he found to be a delightful harmony of sweet and savoury. He also tried other delicacies satay and hokkien mee, both of which he thoroughly enjoyed.

As a food enthusiast, he told fans he’d love to explore Lau Pa Sat. And he emphasised that eating is one of the most memorable aspects of his travels.

2. He really, really adores his fans

Throughout the 2½-hour fan meeting, Kim displayed his deep affection for his fans.

Kim Seon-ho
At the Singapore leg of his fan meeting, Kim Seon-ho talked about his various drama productions. Photo: PULP Live World

He planned out well-thought-out interactive segments that involved participation from the crowd. This spanned from re-enacting scenes from his previous dramas to spontaneous games like rock-paper-scissors and charades.

Special gifts were also gifted to fans: including a cap with his doodles. 

The actor further charmed the audience by using Singlish phrases he had picked up, such as “Singapore fans, swee (great)!” and “steady lah!“, a remark used to affirm someone or something.

3. A humble actor with a down-to-earth personality

Kim’s journey through his Asia Tour kicked off in Seoul last December. And it took him to various cities like Bangkok, Manila and more.

The actor mentioned recalling several faces among the crowd at other stops of the tour. And he playfully wanted to approach them, as if they were old friends.

Yet, he confessed that he still feels nervous meeting his fans — a testament to how he’s just so down-to-earth.

The fan meeting concluded with Kim flexing his vocal cords with a solo track Reason (2021).

He sang the feel-good love song not just once, but twice, driven by his commitment to delivering the best for his fans.

Having to leave reluctant fans, the actor also assured fans that there’s more to come in the future. He said: “Singapore is the last stop of my fan meeting tour. But don’t worry, there’s next year”.


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