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Show Review: Lee Jong-suk bonds with Singapore fans through interactive games and soulful tunes

Endearingly titled “Dear. My With”, Lee Jong-suk wanted the fan meeting was like a letter written to his fans, affectionately known as with.

Ashley Cheah

| October 8, 2023
Lee Jong-suk
Lee Jong-suk held the Singapore leg of his fan meeting Dear. My With at The Esplanade Theatre.

Lee Jong-suk was recently in town for the Singapore leg of his fan meet. Endearingly titled “Dear. My With”, the fan meeting was like a letter written to his fans, affectionately known as with.

His visit here came seven years after his last one in 2016. “It’s been so long (since I came), I was in my twenties then,” Lee recalled.

“I am now in my thirties,” he added.

For fan meetings, these sessions usually span about an hour plus. But Lee spent more than two hours interacting and talking with his fans, giving them finger hearts at the fan meeting.

Here are three highlights from the session held at The Esplanade Theatre.

1. Lee Jong-suk doubled as a part-time singer

While he might be a full-time actor, Lee became a part-time singer at the fan meeting session. 

He kicked off the set with Come To Me (2017) from his series While You Were Sleeping (2017). Midway through, Lee made a blunder but pushed through anyway.

“I have never made any mistakes during my opening,” he said after the performance before breaking into a sheepish grin. “But here it is, I’m a bit embarrassed now,” he added.

Towards the end of the show, he covered a track from EXO’s D.O., titled That’s okay (2019).

2. Fans play games with Lee Jong-suk

Lucky fans, selected by a raffle prior to the start of the show, were called up to play games with Lee himself. They took part in a relay challenge, where they had to flip cards, play skipping rope and do a three-legged race with him.

Lee Jong-suk
Lee Jong-suk in a talk segment as he shared about his tour and his previous drama series.

In another segment, Lee specifically looked out for guys in the crowd, most of whom came with a female counterpart, for a special game segment.

He challenged them to a game of Jegi-chagi (locally known as Chapteh), and if they exceeded his score, he would grant their wish. Spoiler alert: Lee reigned champion.

3. Lee flexed his artistic talents

In the fan meeting, Lee also got down to designing merchandise for a lucky fan.

Flexing his artistic talents, he decorated and designed a one-of-a-kind tumbler for a lucky fan.


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Apparently, Lee was also involved in the process of making the merchandise line sold during the fan meeting tour as well.


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