This is the puffer phone case that K-pop celebrities can’t get enough of

While the puffer phone case was most commonly spotted in the hands of K-pop it girls, it was also featured in NCT Dream’s music video.

Tricia Gill

| October 10, 2023
phone case
Photo: @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Look no further than Urban Sophistication to transform your phone into an accessory in its own right.

Most famously known for their cool-girl-certified phone cases, the brand has made its way into the Instagram feeds of celebrities, including K-pop superstars Rosé and Lisa of Blackpink and many more.

Urban Sophistication was founded in 2015, thanks to the creative minds of siblings Neta and Elad Yam with the aim of experimenting with different canvases and expressing themselves in a unique way, they created a brand that is now known for its unmatched style.

Phone cases may be Urban Sophistication’s pièce de résistance, the brand doesn’t limit itself to the tech accessory, as they’ve dabbled in ready-to-wear pieces like bags and clothing. The brand’s claim to fame? The iconic puffer phone case and “Social Media Seriously Harms Your Mental Health” cases—at its peak, the cases were spotted on the feeds of the world’s biggest influencers and models, including Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber.

The inception of the Puffer Case was a serendipitous moment for Urban Sophistication. Initially starting off as a meme as a puffer jacket photoshopped onto a phone case, the picture went viral and captured the attention of the Internet, who couldn’t resist the quirky puffer design before it was in mainstream fashion. Before long, the duo brought the case to life, and it instantly became a best-seller and a fan favourite.

The Puffer Case is most commonly spotted in the hands of K-pop it girls. But it has also gone on to feature in NCT Dream’s music video, a testament to its growing popularity and genderless appeal.

2 years into the Puffer Case’s creation, the brand has garnered a loyal following thanks to the timeless appeal of the understated case. From metallics, funky prints and solid colours, the cases make for an understated yet stylish detail in mirror selfies, as evidenced by Nayeon, Winter and Hikaru.

Below, see the idols spotted with the Puffer Cases in hand.

Rosé of Blackpink

phone case

Lisa of Blackpink

phone case

Nayeon of TWICE

phone case

Winter of aespa

Hikaru of Kep1er

NCT Dream

phone case

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