Epik High to hold 20th anniversary concerts in Seoul in December with “insane” guest line-ups

Epik High will hold their 20th anniversary concert from 16 Dec (Sat) to 17 Dec (Sun) at Seoul's SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.

Avier Tan

| October 12, 2023
Epik High
Epik High performing at the Singapore leg of their All Time High tour. Photo: File Photo

South Korean hip-hop trio Epik High will be holding concerts in Seoul near the end of the year to celebrate their 20th anniversary. They previously hinted at this concert back when they were in Singapore for their All Time High tour.

And it seems like it’s one not to be missed.

The trio’s frontman Tablo, wrote on X: “I see a lot of [international] fans debating flying to Korea for Epik High’s December concert. [But] I’m not going to encourage anything that hurts you financially”.

But it’s worth noting that the setlist will be well thought out. Their Korean shows are on another level as well, when it comes to production.

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The best part of it all? The guest line-up list for the shows is “insane”, he noted. Fans may also finally see the debut of the trio’s lightstick.

Promotions for the show, as with everything Epik High does, are wild.

The first official poster they released was a parody of the 20th Century Fox movie opening. Well, it’s all apt though, since Epik High is celebrating their 20th anniversary.

In a newer pictorial release, we see Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz in a remake of the Barbie poster. “Anyone can watch the concerts, just buy tickets”, it wrote.

The trio will hold their 20th anniversary concert over the weekend, from 16 Dec (Sat) to 17 Dec (Sun) at Seoul’s SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. Tickets to the show are available for purchase from today (12 Oct), 8PM KST (7PM SGT) via Melon Ticket.


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