Review: K-pop girl group IVE takes on a softer approach in their first EP I’VE MINE

I'VE MINE is a commendable effort where IVE experimented with different concepts. But perhaps, they should play more to their strengths.

Dayna Yam

| October 15, 2023
IVE in a concept photo from their first EP titled I’VE MINE. Photo: Starship Entertainment

After pushing out mini albums since their debut, IVE is finally returning with new music. And this time, their first EP.

On 13 Oct (Fri), IVE dropped their EP titled I’VE MINE (2023), comprising six tracks. Two of the tracks were pre-released, which sought to give fans a tease of the new album before its official release.

Off The Record

Starting the album strong, the girls sing about the value of late-night conversations. They explore the vulnerability and closeness people feel when they let down their walls. Through these private conversations, they can reveal their true selves.

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Unlike their usual songs with strong beats, Off The Record (2023) shows off the girls’ softer vocals. It also allows them to demonstrate their vocal runs in the bridge.


The title lives up to its name. The song experiments with the girl crush concept, something that IVE has yet to explore in its entirety.

Baddie (2023) comes as a refreshing change for the sextet. But the girl crush concept may not have been the best fit for IVE.

The song, on the other hand, felt a tad empty with the repeated synth, a far cry from their usual title tracks with the girl group’s distinct sound.

Either Way

One of their pre-release tracks, Either Way (2023) is a ballad tune vastly different from their title tracks. The melody is toned down from their usual upbeat songs but still does its job to showcase the girls’ versatility.

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It is hard to see what’s there to dislike about the track: it appeals to all listeners. Its pitfall? It doesn’t have a climax per se. However, it did build anticipation as to what the full album would have sounded like.

Holy Moly

Coming in with a playful vibe, Holy Moly (2023) is a well-crafted song that plays to the girls’ strengths. The song has an electric synth sound to it, making it a mood booster.

It does get a bit repetitive with the repeated chants of the song’s title, but it should suit anyone’s music palate.


A light melody resembling innocent love, OTT (2023) captures the hearts of the audience.

It would be even better if the song was longer, but even during the short 2½-min song, we were serenaded by the girls’ sweet vocals. The rap portion, which feels out of place on the first listen, grows on you after.


The perfect song to close the album. It almost feels a little nostalgic, even. If anything, this is the epitome of how autumn feels like.

As summer draws to a close, the leaves start falling, and listeners are left reminiscing before winter comes. The bridge also touches on the seasons changing, “Winter’s coming, you better get going.”

Overall, this album is different from their usual sound. It is great seeing the girls experiment with different concepts, but perhaps they should play more to their strengths.

Don’t get me wrong. This album showed off the girls’ softer side, but perhaps with their mega success from their previous title tracks like I AM (2023) and After Like (2022), I was left wanting more.


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