Hallyu Spotlight: 4 things to know about Kim Se-jeong and her first concert tour

Ahead of her upcoming concert in Singapore this Friday, here are five things to know about Kim Se-jeong, as well as her first concert tour.

Belinda Poh

| October 23, 2023
Kim Se-jeong
Kim Se-jeong. Photo: @0828_kimsejeong/X

You might have heard of Kim Se-jeong as a former member of I.O.I, the girl group born from the reality programme Produce 101. She later also promoted in K-pop girl group gugudan. Now, Kim is actively promoting as a soloist.

On the acting front, she is widely known for her leading roles in various hit television programmes. This includes The Uncanny Counter (2020) and Business Proposal (2022).

Ahead of her upcoming concert in Singapore this Friday (27 Oct) at The Theatre at Mediacorp, here are four things to know about Kim, as well as her first concert tour.

1. She has got a fan-loving heart

Apart from her bright personality, one thing that you must know about Kim is how much she values her fans.

We asked her to recount her memorable moments during the concert tour in a media interview held virtually ahead of the show. She said: “Just meeting fans overseas creates a lot of memorable moments”.

Another reason why Kim anticipates going on tour: overseas fans are not people whom she can meet regularly. She says, “They express how long they had been waiting for me with their cheers. So when I’m up on stage, I think to myself that [my fans] wanted to see me just as badly as I wanted to see them.”

Kim Se-jeong
Kim Se-jeong after the Manila leg of her first concert tour. Photo: @0828_kimsejeong/X

She also told us a memorable snippet from her Philippines concert. “The cheers were so loud that I couldn’t hear my song even with my in-ear [monitors] on”. It was Kim’s first time experiencing this and she felt so good knowing that her fans were cheering her on with that much passion and zeal.

2. Returning to the stage is like going back to her hometown

After acting in many hit television shows and gaining recognition as an actress, returning to the stage to sing and perform may seem daunting.

However, Kim likens returning to the stage to going back to her hometown. And when she does the latter, her family will check in with her with questions like ‘How have you been doing with life?’ and ‘What’s different from the last time we saw you?’.

“Sometimes those questions could be scary, and sometimes you get quite worried about them. And this is a similar feeling that I experience when I return on stage,” she said. This fear and anxiety mainly stem from worries about whether fans will be satisfied with what she puts out.

But she adds: “It’s the most comfortable feeling of being with my ‘family’ or fans”, drawing a similarity between returning home and being back on stage once again.

3. She wants to try local food

Apart from looking forward to the passion of her Singaporean fans, Kim says, “I want to have some crabs while I’m there. I heard [that] black pepper crabs are particularly good so I want to try that out.”

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This is especially true since she is a huge foodie and adores crustaceans.

4. What to expect at Singapore’s concert

Aptly named after her latest album, fans can expect many tracks from the namesake album Door (2023) at her upcoming show.

Kim said: “It’s my first time singing with tracks from this album in front of overseas fans so that in itself is exciting”. She looks forward to the chemistry with Singaporean fans as she will be slotting many of the tracks from the album into her set list for the first time.

Live: 2023 Kim Sejeong 1st Concert Tour The 門 in Singapore
Date: 27 Oct 2023 (Fri)
Venue: The Theatre at Mediacorp
Time: 7PM
Read more here


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