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Show Review: DPR Ian performs his first Singapore solo stage at Sundown Live 2023

DPR Ian was the headlining act for Sundown Live 2023, the opening party of the Tour de France Singapore Criterium held at Suntec City.

Esther Low

| October 29, 2023
DPR Ian performing at the Sundown Live 2023 Opening Party of Tour de France Prudential Singapore Criterium. HallyuSG Photo: Avier Tan

It was Australian-born DPR Ian’s first solo show in Singapore. And his fans, some of whom came prepared with creative fan boards, were waiting for him with bated breath despite the sweltering weather.

Born Christian Yu, DPR Ian was the headlining act for Sundown Live 2023, the opening party of the Tour de France Singapore Criterium.

At the outdoor area outside Suntec City, the crowd saw homegrown DJs like Jade Rasif, DJ Inquisitive and DJ Pin work the turntable. Some of them even threw in some K-pop hits along the way.

I’m certain I heard recent hits like Jungkook’s Seven (2023) and Fifty Fifty’s Cupid (2023). And some throwback classics like BIGBANG’s Bang Bang Bang (2015) and 2NE1’s I Am The Best (2014).

Finally, when it was DPR Ian’s turn to perform as the closing act of the evening, he was not one to disappoint. Here are three highlights from his set.

1. Swooned the crowd with his smooth, silky voice

DPR Ian opened the stage with a self-introduction to a very energetic crowd. As he worked through his first few songs, he told fans he was not “in his best form” that evening.

But he has still got a way to swoon them with his well-toned and silky voice. In that charming Australian accent of his, no less. It was talking in the accent for me that got me hooked for the rest of his set. And his songs, like Scaredy Cat (2021) and Ballroom Extravaganza (2022), of course.

2. Fan service was above and beyond

In between his powerful performances and addictive tracks, DPR Ian was met with adoring screams from the crowd.

He took a few moments to interact with them, read sign boards the audience had prepared, and cheekily teased fans at some point. “Are you sure you want to be my first kiss?” he casually asked. I’d say he’s a sweet-talker.

Nearing the end of his set, DPR Ian signed a few fan boards. HallyuSG Photo: Avier Tan

The mosh pit was pretty near the stage, so he could mostly hear what the fans said. When a fan dished out a confession, DPR Ian replied with an endearing “I love you too,”. Aside from throwing out finger hearts, he also upped the level of his fan service towards the end, signing on the boards of some lucky fans.

3. Teased a new release and a potential concert

Towards the end of his segment, DPR Ian dropped some hints on his upcoming activities for his fans.

A moment later, he took a glance at some of his staff members backstage. “I can say that right?” he asked.

He proceeded to tease a new single after getting the green light from his team.

The 33-year-old singer-rapper also expressed his hopes of wanting to hold his solo show. And that he would make a stop in Singapore when that happens.


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