Netflix apocalyptic horror series Sweet Home returns for its second season on 1 Dec

The second season of Sweet Home, which arrives on 1 Dec, will see the entire world overrun with horrifying monsters.

Oliver Chan

| November 1, 2023
Sweet Home
Song Kang plays high school student Cha Hyun-su in Sweet Home. Photo: Netflix

Netflix’s apocalyptic horror series Sweet Home will be returning with a second season next month.

According to a teaser video shared on Instagram, the second season of Sweet Home is set to drop on 1 Dec. This news comes three years after the release of the first season in 2020.

Its first season, composed of ten episodes, was mostly contained in an apartment building. People were trapped in the dilapidated abode to battle against monsters. However, the upcoming season promises to be on a larger scale.

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“[Three] years ago, an apartment complex was overrun with monsters. Now, it’s the entire world,” the Instagram post wrote.


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In the teaser video, we also see a returning character. It’s other than high school student Cha Hyun-su, played by Song Kang. As he was covered in blood and shackled with chains, an unknown voice said: “We meet at last, Cha Hyun-su”.

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Not much has been revealed, but people are seen rushing out of familiar locations like the iconic Seoul Olympic Stadium, amidst a dystopian backdrop.

The first season of Sweet Home saw actors like Go Yoon-jung, Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si. It is not known, as of now, whether they will star in its second season.

Sweet Home
A gargantuan monster in Netflix series Sweet Home. Photo: Netflix

Then, the series also featured a variety of monsters like the eyeball monster, tongue monster and more. With its stunning visual effects, viewers are left looking forward to what more the series can offer in its upcoming season.


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