Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha working on new solo album after 13 years, set to drop in November

Narsha shared that she is "working studiously" on the album, and she wants to reassure fans that she has not retired just yet.

Esther Low

| November 1, 2023
Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls. Photo: Press

South Korean singer-actress Narsha announced that she will be releasing her new solo album after 13 years.

Her last official solo music drop was back in 2010 with her eponymous EP titled NARSHA (2010).

Born Park Hyo-jin, Narsha is also a member of the second-gen K-pop quartet girl group, Brown Eyed Girls in 2006. The four girls were the ones behind addictive bops like Abracadabra (2009), and Sixth Sense (2011). The group is currently in a long hiatus.

For her solo activities, Narsha has been preparing for her solo album drop, set to be on 18 Nov, per Maeil Business Newspaper.

It also wrote that her new song will be a ballad tune which will showcase her unique and captivating voice.

The K-pop star apologised to fans for the long wait but assured fans that she had carefully curated her tracks to ensure that the quality of the album was not compromised. Fans can expect fun numbers that highlight her dedication to her craft.

For the production of her first solo album, Narsha collaborated with her senior Lee Hyun-do. Lee is a musician, producer and a member of Korean duo Deux.

On the collaboration, she revealed that “collaborating with [him] was a motivational experience that eased the pressure of the long gap. It was an inspiring process”.

Though Narsha has been in the industry for a long while, dropping an album after 13 years comes with its apprehensions, she said.

And she hopes that fans don’t take the long gap as a sign of her retirement. “I want to reassure everyone that I’ve not retired,” she added. She shared that they are “working studiously on it”, and she hopes that “fans who left will return” as well.


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