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Show Review: Jung Hae-in prepared special gifts, read fans’ letters at Singapore fan meeting

Jung Hae-in recently held his The 10th Season fan meeting in Singapore, which paid homage to his tenth year as an actor.

Belinda Poh

| November 3, 2023
Jung Hae-in
Jung Hae-in at his The 10th Season fan meeting in Singapore. Photo: Viu

South Korean actor Jung Hae-in was in town last weekend, as he held the last stop of his Asia tour. The fan meeting, titled The 10th Season, paid homage to his, well, tenth year as an actor. In the past ten years, he starred in many hit dramas, such as D.P. (2021), Snowdrop (2021) and Something in the Rain (2018).

This was his second time in Singapore, after his first visit last year to promote his drama, Connect (2022), at the Disney Content Showcase.

Despite Jung’s 10-year-long career, this seems like just the beginning as he has an endless amount of charms to show. In the two-hour session at the Suntec Convention Centre, here are three charms Jung showcased.

1. Astonishing singing prowess

Fans who mainly know Jung through his dramas may be surprised to find out that his singing does not fall short of his acting skills.

Jung started the fan meeting with the D.P theme song Crazy (2021), by Kevin Oh and Primary, a warm and comforting song with a low register. Halfway through the song, he did make a small mistake which, honestly, no one would have noticed if not for his remark after the song.

Jung Hae-in performed some songs live at his fan meeting. HallyuSG Photo: Mirza Abdul Halim

“This is my first time making a mistake in the very first song”, Jung added with a sheepish smile.

He later sang three songs throughout his fan meeting, like French singer Carla Bruni’s Stand by Your Man (2017), Hyolyn’s I Choose to Love You (2012) and South Korean singer Lim Young-woong’s Grain Of Sand (2023).

The actor also expressed his desire to hold a concert in the future. “Because my fans always compliment my singing, it gave me the confidence to sing more,” he said.

2. His duality

Many of Jung’s roles are people “who have to overcome hardships”, as quoted from a fan invited on stage. That’s why it is common for many of his roles to not smile often.

Jung Hae-in’s roles are usually less smiley in nature. Photo: Seo Ji-hyung/Netflix

Jung asked, “Is it not awkward, when you realise that I actually smile a lot, unlike my roles?” His fans denied adamantly and he seemed taken off guard, smiling coyly.

When fans remarked how cute he was multiple times throughout the show, he was evidently taken aback. He said, “I think only my fans know that I am cute.”

Although many of the roles Jung plays are serious and unsmiling, it is undeniable that fans love his delightful and bubbly side off-screen too. Additionally, the characters that Jung played, who persevered through hardship, resonated with many fans and gave them the strength to continue living through life’s highs and lows.

3. He’s a considerate and warm actor

Even before the fan meeting, the emcee started by saying, “Jung Hae-in is a really considerate person. You will notice it through his small actions later.”

Midway through the show, Jung expressed concerns for fans who have been screaming a lot, asking if their throat hurts. He even offered water to both the interpreter and the emcee, which the emcee seemed taken off guard by. The emcee did remark that “this is the first time a Korean artist gave me water amid a show.”

Jung also prepared special gifts and events for fans, including an autographed black cap he regularly uses and holds dear. He also took selfies and hugged every fan that was invited on stage.

Jung Hae-in prepared special gifts for fans, including an autographed black cap he regularly uses. Photo: Viu

The actor also read fan letters in the last segment of the show, which was his most anticipated segment. He added this segment as he “wants to learn more about my fans and the lives they are living”. He even went the extra mile and kept two selected fan letters.


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