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Show Review: Super Junior-D&E bring back nostalgic tunes and tease upcoming music at fan concert

Super Junior-D&E are preparing for a full-length album, targeted for release between February and March of next year.

Esther Low

| November 14, 2023
Super Junior-D&E
Super Junior-D&E, comprising Donghae and Eunhyuk at their DElight Party fan concert in Singapore. Photo: @ @SJ_DnE_official/X

There’s a timeless allure, it seems, about second-generation K-pop idols. That’s what I took away from Super Junior-D&E’s fan concert in Singapore at The Star Theatre.

The duo, comprising Lee Dong-hae, 37, and Eunhyuk, 37, were at ease and laid back for most of their set. Yet their performances still brimmed with professionalism and were very much enjoyable.

They opted to open the show with dazzling suits, delivering high-energy numbers like Zero (2021), B.A.D (2020), and Danger (2019). Then came their iconic Super Junior introduction that left the crowd in screams. 18 years after their debut, Super Junior still proved themselves super.

The duo mostly performed the sub-unit’s recent hits. After all, this was their sub-unit’s show. But they didn’t leave out Super Junior classics too. In a surprise appearance from the back of the theatre during the encore segment, they brought tunes like Mamacita (2014), Bonamama (2010) and Sorry Sorry (2009) all in one go.

Super Junior-D&E
Super Junior-D&E performed their recent hits, but also timeless classics. Photo: Super Junior-D&E, comprising Donghae and Eunhyuk at their DElight Party fan concert in Singapore. Photo: @SJ_DnE_official/X

The duo was not only a natural for performing onstage, they did have quite the humour chops when it came to their talk sets and game segments.

For the fan-meeting portion of the set, they played a 99s Mission Relay game where both members had to complete five mini-games together in under 99 seconds. The dynamic duo demonstrated their chemistry, camaraderie and never failed to tickle the crowd with their funny antics.

Initially confident, the duo eventually did not manage to clear the missions. Out of despair, they started to play a spontaneous segment live, on drums and the keyboard. Such spur-of-the-moment makes the duo a great watch, sprinkling some entertainment to an otherwise mundane weekday night.


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At some point, Eunhyuk jokingly commented that fans were settling well in their seats. They were of course, excited, but not on their feet. At least not till near the end of the show, when the whole crowd went jumping with the duo.

”It feels like taking an exam in front of them (the fans),” he wittingly said.

Super Junior-D&E
Super Junior-D&E with the crowd at the Singapore leg of their DElight Party fan concert. Photo: @SJ_DnE_official/X

At the end of the set, Eunhyuk also made a daring reveal. One that they would otherwise “not have been able to do while in SM Entertainment”, he cheekily poked fun at the red tape. For context, the duo have recently established their own entertainment agency, ODE Entertainment.

They are preparing for a full-length album which they are targeting for release between February and March of next year.


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