Hallyu Spotlight: 3 things to know about the highly versatile boy band EPEX

At its core, EPEX represents the gathering of eight youths reaching eight different apexes to form a collective, powerful new team.

Belinda Poh

| November 16, 2023
EPEX. Photo: C9 Entertainment

Meet South Korean boy band EPEX, a highly versatile octet that made their debut in 2021. The band comprises a total of eight members: Wish, Keum, Mu, A-Min, Baekseung, Ayden, Yewang, and Jeff.

Just last month, the boys made a comeback with their sixth EP, Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 2. ‘Can We Surrender?’ (2023). A month later, their title track Full Metal Jacket has racked up 15 million views on YouTube.

At its core, EPEX represents the gathering of eight youths reaching eight different apexes, as members come together to form a collective, powerful new team.

If you are not familiar with EPEX just yet, here are three things you should know about the boys.

1. Amazing duality

EPEX’s albums have been centred on bipolarity since their debut. Every comeback starkly contrasted the previous, their latest title track, Full Metal Jacket (2023), also vastly differed from their previous title track, Sunshower (2023).

Sunshower was a bright song, one which “discussed the complex emotions of love while acknowledging the presence of anxiety alongside it”, member Baeksung said.

EPEX. Photo: C9 Entertainment

In contrast, Full Metal Jacket had a strong and intense style, “delved into the highest level of anxiety”, said Wish.

Through experimenting with music styles that are pretty much opposites, fans can look forward to EPEX’s future music style and continued growth.

2. Their power lies in the message

EPEX’s biggest differentiating factor is the messages they weave into their music.

In every album to date, EPEX has touched on many salient social issues that youths might relate to. For instance, their latest EP addressed school bullying and violence.

According to Wish, Full Metal Jacket was the “most intense and direct” in addressing pressing issues faced by students. Going beyond that, it also “fuses all the genres and experiences encountered in previous EPs,” Baekseung said.

On the other hand, two members recommended No Roof, with Ayden commenting the song “truly embodies the essence of EPEX”. It is also a track that “truly encapsulates the experiences of teenagers,” Mu said.

However, it is important to note that the embedded messages are more than EPEX’s personal experiences. The message is “meant for anyone who may have had similar experiences”, Keum added.

3. A new beginning

The recent EP marks the end of the Bipolar album series. But it is also the start of something new. According to A-Min, the conclusion of this series opens up an opportunity to “explore a wider range of concepts and styles” in the future.

Furthermore, all EPEX members would no longer be minors starting this year.

This allows for more themes to be tackled, such as “more adult-oriented issues”, according to Ayden. Baekseung also added that he wished to “present a more mature version of EPEX” in their next album.


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