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Show Review: Mamamoo+ serve up playful and frisky hits at Singapore fan concert

For their Two Rabbits Code fan concert in Singapore, Moonbyul and Solar of Mamamoo+ performed animated tunes like dangdang and Two Rabbits.

Dayna Yam

| November 16, 2023
Mamamoo+ at their first fan concert, The Two Rabbits, in Singapore. Photo: CK Star Entertainment

It’s not Mamamoo’s first rodeo in Singapore. But this time, only half of the quartet was here.

They are Mamamoo+, the group’s first sub-unit comprising members Solar and Moonbyul who held their first fan concert Two Rabbits Code yesterday (15 Nov). Here are five highlights during the 2½-hour set.

1. The duo are certified fans of Singapore

Both Solar and Moonbyul are fans of Singapore, and we’re sure about that.

From the get-go, they talked about singing our local folk song Singapura when they performed here a while back in 2017 for the KBS Music Bank World Tour in Singapore. They also performed the song live, coupled with some dainty dance moves.

As they chatted with the audience, the duo naturally slotted in some local slangs like paiseh la, a phrase used in an embarrassing situation and alamak, a word used to express surprise or disappointment. These are colloquialisms that only locals would know.

Mamamoo+ at their first fan concert, The Two Rabbits, in Singapore. HallyuSG Photo: Avier Tan

As with other K-pop idols, they, too talked about chilli and pepper crabs. Since fans said that they don’t have them often, the duo thought that it was because they were too expensive.

“Singapore, too expensive, please [make it] cheap[er],” she made a joking plea and a wave of cheers followed.

2. A mix of Mamamoo+, and Mamamoo 

While the duo mostly performed songs from their sub-unit, they also brought in some Mamamoo tracks towards the end of the show.

Mamamoo+ also performed some of Mamamoo’s songs live. HallyuSG Photo: Avier Tan

The quartet has produced countless songs that require a whole lot of stamina, and more so since they are known for singing live.

Yet, Solar and Moonbyul were able to cover both bandmates Wheein and Hwasa’s lines while singing the group’s songs like Starry Night (2018) and a mashup of Dingga (2020), HIP (2019) and Décalcomanie (2016). All while delivering their lines in perfect pitch.

3. Everyone gets to participate

Fan service, an umbrella term to describe artists interacting with and greeting fans, is commonplace in the K-pop realm.

But it seems like both Moonbyul and Solar have got their way to roping the approximately 2,800 crowd at The Star Theatre in, such that they were fully involved in the show. At the theatre, the LED screens flashed a QR code for fans to scan, which led to a web page with two graphics.

It featured their rabbit mascot, one in green and the other in white. Fans could raise their mobile devices to indicate the choice they picked with the respective colour during the 2-choose-1 game session.

To top it off, Solar and Moonbyul went amongst the crowd during Promise U (2021) to interact with fans during the encore segment.

4. Solo stages

The two members were given the stage to perform their solo songs which played to their strengths.

Solar showed off her honey, pun intended, rich vocals through songs like Spit It Out (2020) and HONEY (2022). Fans were wild with cheers as she stretched her vocal range throughout her songs.

Mamamoo+ also brought their solo tracks to their Singapore fans. HallyuSG Photo: Avier Tan

Though Moonbyul is usually heard rapping, also showed off her vocal prowess through ddu ddu ddu (2022), C.I.T.T (Cheese In The Trap) (2022) and Shutdown (ft. Seori) (2021).

5. Mamamoo+ is on point with trends

The girls not only performed their songs. They also covered dances of other groups, like  NewJeans’s Hype Boy (2022) and the viral Smoke dance challenge from reality programme Street Woman Fighter 2.

The duo were definitely on point with selecting the trendiest and hottest K-pop hits.

Backed by a team of dancers, the duo also performed tunes from some of the hottest girl groups of today, like aespa’s Spicy (2023) and Queencard (2023) by (G)I-DLE.


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