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Show Review: A mix of CLC nostalgia and solo bangers at Sorn’s first solo Singapore concert

Sorn was very much in her element as she took centre stage at her first Singapore concert titled Nirvana Girl. And it shows.

Avier Tan

| November 26, 2023
Sorn performing at her first solo concert in Singapore’s Capitol Theatre. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

Chonnasorn Sajakul, whom we know as Sorn for the most part, was very much in her element at her first Singapore concert. And it shows.

That’s because she stayed true to herself, which also happens to be a life lesson she wants to impart to her fans.

“I wasn’t myself most of the time when I was in [the] K-pop [industry]. It took me a while to find Sorn again,” she reflected. To our relief, It seems like that bubbly, positivity-radiating Sorn is back.

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She’s enjoying every moment on stage performing her solo tracks like Sharp Objects (2022), Not A Friend (2023) and Run (2021), a song which her fans term as the “yee-haw” song. For context, the song had a cowgirl theme to it.

Sorn’s humble beginnings

A part of her concert was also about bringing fans back to her beginnings. In an informal vlog interview video played between her songs, she took fans around neighbourhoods in Seoul; like Cheongdam, where her ex-company was located, Apgujeong and Seongsu, where her first apartment in South Korea was.


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“I remember walking on the street, laughing and crying, and even shouting out at 3 to 4 am,” she recalled as she walked through Cheongdam-dong. This was the result of the pent-up stress she felt back when she was a trainee.

Sorn started training at the age of 15 for 2½ years, clocking in hours of practice weekly. She then debuted with CLC thereafter, in 2015.

CLC is still going strong

CLC does not have any group activities currently, but the dynamics between the girls are strong. Though they weren’t able to be present physically, members sent in virtual wishes for Sorn.

She acknowledges that it’s a pity she can’t be on stage with them, and appreciates the members’ efforts.

“If there’s any member that’s going to bring us together, it’s me,” she said. “You can bet on it,”. Fans are definitely looking forward to a CLC reunion.

But for now, Sorn brought live a medley of CLC songs, from No (2019) to Hobgoblin (2017) and Helicopter (2020).

Sorn takes centre stage

Being in a group setting for most of her career, Sorn said she’s not used to being in the centre. “I was always the one who didn’t want to be in the centre, I didn’t like to be in the spotlight,” she said.

Usually shying away from the centre spot, Sorn is the centre of attention at her solo concert. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

“I want to stand right here,” she added, as she made her way to the far end of the stage. But Sorn was in tip-top condition when she was in the middle, hitting high notes and performing complex choreography.

Special surprises

Before her concert, Sorn teased that there would be special surprises this time. She covered Miley Cyrus’ Climb, a song that holds great significance to her. When she first debuted in CLC, naysayers had quite a bit to say, since she “didn’t fit in the mould of what K-pop idols should look like”.

Sorn recalled receiving a text message from her cousin (who was also present at the show) then as tears flowed down, and she was sent a link to the song.

Sorn is now standing on stage solo, doing what she likes best: singing and performing. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

She eventually pulled through, though she was so close to giving up. Now she’s standing on stage solo, doing what she likes best: singing and performing.

Treating her fans, she also teased two unreleased tracks, Cool and Crazy Stupid Lovers. Both are love tunes, a genre that Sorn has yet to make her official foray into, so fans can expect something a little different in her upcoming drops.


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