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Show Review: Fans of Lee Jun-ho swooned with delight at his Singapore fan meeting

Singer-actor Lee Jun-ho was in town for his fan meeting, where he shared his various drama works, and performed some dance numbers.

Esther Low

| December 13, 2023
Lee Jun-ho
Lee Jun-ho at his Singapore fan meeting held at The Star Theatre. Photo: JYP Entertainment/ Live Nation Singapore

It was a 10 out of 10 kind of night last Friday, if you ask me.

Singer-actor Lee Jun-ho was in town for his The Moment fan meeting held at the Star Theatre on 8 Dec. The almost three-hour-long gig saw him sharing about his various drama works and performing some dance numbers.

Some fans may know Lee as a member of the renowned sextet K-pop group 2PM. Others may have taken notice of him after his roles in K-dramas. His latest was King The Land, where he played Gu Won, the son of a chaebol family who now owns the King Hotel.

From talking about his recent dramas to fan interactions, here are four highlights from his fan meeting.

1. A concert-like fan meet

Lee opened the show with two upbeat tracks Nobody Else (2015) and Canvas (2017), donning a deep red-coloured top, black pants and bling accessories.

True to his roots as a boy band member, he sang various other group songs while working his sleek dance moves. He also served up a solo song Flashlight (2018), which he performed for the first time at his fan meeting.

2. Up-close and personal moments

Fans got to know more about Lee through the fan meeting too.

“I’m ready to answer anything if you want!” Lee said in English. While he mostly spoke in Korean, he made an effort to use some English for the local fans during his show, and he promised to “make it a happy memory”.

MBTI is all the craze now when it comes to getting to know people in South Korea. So fans got to learn about Lee, and his personality too. He chose characteristics like curiosity, perfectionist and workaholic. True enough, we found out that Lee had done another sound check before the sound check party with fans. That’s dedication and professionalism right there.

3.  Talks about his iconic dramas

Enthusiastic screams penetrated the air in The Star Theatre as Lee talked about two of his most iconic productions: the traditional romance drama The Red Sleeve (2021) and his latest rom-com series King The Land (2023).

King The Land
Lee Jun-ho plays Gu Won in King The Land (2023). Photo: Netflix

Lee made history as the first idol actor to win the Best Actor Award at the 58th Baeksang Awards for his role as the Crown Prince Lee San in the former. He also jumped back to the dramas and reenacted some scenes as his characters, to an audience squealing with delight. He especially tickled fans with his Singlish version of Guwon.

“Why you never miss me one har?“, he humorously asked.

4. Moments of incredible fan service

This moment of the night was probably a fan favourite for many. Lucky fans walked away with attractive prizes and bragging rights of their selfies or hugs with Lee.

Lee Jun-ho
Lee Jun-ho at his Singapore fan meeting held at The Star Theatre. Photo: JYP Entertainment/ Live Nation Singapore

Usually, prizes would include autographed merchandise or Polaroid photos. But at Lee’s fan meeting, a winner walked away with a pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses instead.

Choosing messages and requests from a board filled with colourful post-its, he interacted with fans and granted their wishes. Perhaps it stems from his years of being an idol and communicating with fans, but his fan service was nothing less than incredible.


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