G-Dragon starts new chapter of his music career with new agency Galaxy Corporation

"Please encourage and support both Galaxy Corporation and G-Dragon," his new label said via a press conference.

Esther Low

| December 21, 2023
G-Dragon starts a new chapter in his music career with Galaxy Corporation. Photo: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Goodbye YG Entertainment. King of K-pop G-Dragon has departed from his agency of 17 years, according to various media reports.

Born Kwon Ji-yong, G-Dragon has had an illustrious music career during his time in YG Entertainment as the leader of the renowned K-pop group BIGBANG.

On 20 Dec (Wed), the K-pop superstar confirmed his signing of an exclusive contract with his new label, Galaxy Corporation. YG Entertainment verified the news of his non-renewal, making speculations of the iconic artiste’s departure from YG Entertainment official.

Before this, the music industry and media had their attention on G-Dragon amidst his alleged drug-related charges, which he was recently cleared and acquitted of.

The high-profile musician’s contract with YG Entertainment ended earlier this year. In a statement made by his previous company, they shared, “G-dragon was one of the representative artists of our agency. And all the time together with him since his debut with BIGBANG in 2006 has been an honour”.

They also wished him continuous success and asked for fans’ constant and steadfast support of G-Dragon as he embarks on his musical chapter with Galaxy Cooperation.

In a press conference today (21 Dec), Galaxy Corporation said that they will take serious legal actions against malicious comments made towards G-Dragon. They also asked for the public and fans’ unwavering support.

“Please encourage and support both Galaxy Corporation and G-Dragon,” they said.

The established artiste of over a decade debuted with BIGBANG, under YG Entertainment in 2006. He then released his first debut solo Heartbreaker (2009) three years later. His bold, confident and unique fashion sense makes him a shapeshifter in the fashion world. Aside from his professional music background, he is also an entrepreneur who co-founded fashion label PeaceMinusOne.


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