6 K-Dramas to start the new year: A Shop For Killers, Death Game 2 etc…

We're starting off 2024 on the right foot, with K-dramas like A Shop for Killers, Gyeongsong Creature and more.

Esther Low

| January 4, 2024
A Shop for Killers, starring Lee Dong-wook and more, is one of the few K-dramas that you should tune in to this month. Photo: Disney+

Saying that 2023 saw some great K-dramas is no understatement. From Revenant to Twinkling Watermelon and Moving, 2023 served up lots of top-notch series that made for some serious entertainment.

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We’re getting off on the right foot in 2024 too with some K-drama drops in January. Here are six K-dramas to look out for this month.

1. Gyeongseong Creature 2

Gyeongsong Creature
(L to R) Han So-hee and Park Seo-jun in a still of Netflix’s Gyeongsong Creature. Photo: Netflix

The first season of Gyeongseong Creature saw the arrogant and wealthy owner of Golden Jade House Jung Tae-sang (Park Seo-jun) and bounty hunter Yun Chae-ok (Han So-hee) fight monsters which stemmed from human greed, for their survival.

Set in 1945 in a colonial Korea under Japanese rule, the first part comprised seven episodes. The series was an exhilarating ride of suspense and tension for viewers. Its second season will shed light on the residents’ lives following the incidents in the first part.

Main cast: Park Seo-joon, Han So-hee and Soo Hyun
Where to watch: Netflix
Release date: 5 Jan 2024

2. Doctor Slump

Co-stars of the hit K-drama The Heirs (2013) reunite in this romantic comedy cum medical piece. This enemies-to-lovers story stars two hugely popular South Korean actors: Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik.

Park Shin-hye takes on the role of anesthesiologist Nam Ha-neul; while Park Hyung-sik plays star plastic surgeon Yeo Jun-woo. The duo start as rivals but reconnect at the lowest points of their lives. They gradually overcome their detest for each other.

The story will depict how the duo attempts to rekindle their lives and become pillars of support for each other after their successful lives fall into a slump.

Main cast: Park Shin-hye, Park Hyung-sik, Yoon Park, and Kong Seong-ha
Where to watch: Netflix
Release date: 27 Jan 2024

 3. The Bequeathed

2024 starts with a new Netflix horror-thriller K-drama, titled The Bequeathed. The plot intertwines family inheritance with a custom very much embedded in Korean tradition — family burial grounds.

South Korean actress Kim Hyun-joo, who plays Yun Seo-ha in the series, reunites with Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho, the co-writer for this spine-chilling production. After her uncle’s death, ominous events unfold, prompting detective Choi Sung-joon (Park Hee-soon) to dig further and deeper into the case.

If you enjoyed K-dramas like Revenant, then The Bequeathed is a pleasingly petrifying screenplay that just might quench your thirst for terror.

Main cast: Kim Hyun-joo, Ryu Kyung-soo, Park Hee-soon, Park Byung-Eun and Park Sung-hoon
Where to watch: Netflix
Release date: 19 Jan 2024

4. Love Song for Illusion

Inspired by the webtoon of the same title, this historical drama revolves around the love novel of crown prince Sajo-Hyun (Park Ji-hoon) and the charming killer Yeon-wol (Hong Ye-ji).

The series tells a heart-fluttering love story of the crown prince with two contrasting personalities. At the same time, it also spotlights the assassin girl who wants to kill him; but ends up falling in love with him instead.

Main cast: Park Ji-hoon, Hong Ye-ji, Hwang Hee, Ji Woo
Where to watch: Viu
Release date: 3 Jan 2024

5. A Shop for Killers

Lee Dong-wook stars as Jung Jin-man,  the owner of a peculiar shopping centre that barters weapons, hence the title of the series. Ji-an (Kim Hye-jun) plays his niece who now stays with him after her parents are killed.

Her life spirals further knowing that her uncle had died in a supposed suicide. She is later forced to escape from highly trained assassins who pursue and want to kill her.

This intense and riveting cat-and-mouse chase will see Ji-an uncover the secrets of her uncle’s mysterious past and unveil the reasons behind these tragedies.

Main cast: Lee Dong-wook, Kim Hye-jun, Park Ji-bin
Where to watch: Disney+
Release date: 17 Jan 2024

5. Death Game 2

A poster of Death Game Part 1. Photo: Tving

The first part of Death Game centred around Choi Yi-jae (Seo In-guk) who chose to take his own life after losing everything. He was sentenced to go through a reincarnation game comprising 12 cycles of life and death in different bodies.

Season 2 will prove that there is more than meets the eye with new characters and roles. Nothing is as it seems with the interesting series of events surrounding the main lead.

Main cast: Lee Dong-wook, Kim Hye-jun, Park Ji-bin
Where to watch: Amazon Prime
Release date: 5 Jan 2024


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