Disney+’s new series Flex X Cop, starring Ahn Bo-hyun, arrives on 26 Jan

Disney+'s upcoming K-drama Flex X Cop will break through the saturated crime drama genre with its share of comedic elements.

Belinda Poh

| January 5, 2024
Flex X Cop
Ahn Bo-hyun plays detective Jin Yi-Soo who comes from a wealthy family, in Flex X Cop. Photo: SBS

Crime dramas tend to follow the same formula of suspense, red herrings and plot twists.

This seemingly never-ending rollercoaster ride can get extremely emotionally draining. So, what makes Disney+’s new crime series different? Flex x Cop’s lightheartedness and comedic elements provide a refreshing break from other generic series in the crime genre.

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The drama follows the police violent crimes team’s detective Jin Yi-Soo (Ahn Bo-hyun) as he takes down offenders. Rightfully named, he busts offenders using his wealth and unconventional skills all while being styled immaculately.

Flex X Cop
Ahn Bo-hyun in a teaser poster of Disney+’s Flex X Cop. Photo:Disney+

Naturally, a question we may all have is: How does a conglomerate heir get so tangled up with the police that he becomes part of the Violent Crimes unit?

Something else to look forward to in the show is how the dynamic between Yi-soo and veteran detective Lee Gang-hyun (Park Ji-hyun) plays out. She is the department leader of the violent crimes unit at Gangha Police Station.

Yi-soo starts with a personality befitting his title as a wealthy heir, causing friction between him and Gang-hyun. Despite this, they partner to bring down Korea’s famed untouchables, Korea’s wealthiest.

Behind Flex X Cop is writer Kim Ba-da, who also wrote the action series My Name (2021) and romance-thriller film Life Risking Romance (2016).

Looking for a hint of humour and romance sprinkled into some crime-busting action to open your 2024? This series might just be for you. Flex X Cop will be available for streaming on Disney+ from 26 Jan.


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