Chopard ambassadors aespa: “Watches and jewellery are a must, when it comes to style”

Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ningning of K-pop group aespa talk about their first year of being ambassadors of Chopard.

Zara Zhuang

| January 7, 2024
All-girl rising K-pop stars aespa bring stunning style and glamour to life with Chopard’s Alpine Eagle watches. Photo: Chopard
GRAZIA Singapore: How does it feel to embark on your first headlining concert tour? What have been the highlights and best moments of the SYNK: HYPER LINE tour so far?

Ningning: Embarking on a world tour is something I’ve been dreaming about since before we debuted, and it’s been so exciting and fun to finally be able to fulfill that dream. I think the most memorable thing was the cheers of the fans who came to see us in each country. I’m so grateful to them, and I can’t wait to meet them again soon.

GRAZIA Singapore: For the new album released in October, what concept and inspirations went into it, and how does it compare with the Savage, Girls and My World albums in terms of its sound and energy?

Winter: Our new album, Drama, was released in November and features performances that maximise the intensity of the songs while capturing the colours of the original aespa.

Giselle: Like the album’s title, Drama, it’s a song that lets you show your grandiose and heroic side. If our third mini-album, My World, showed a stylish side of us that came back to the real world, this album shows an urban and charismatic side of aespa.

GRAZIA Singapore: Now that it’s been three years since aespa’s debut, how do you feel the music scene has changed? How do you feel aespa has grown, musically and artistically as well as personally?

Winter: I think there’s a lot of opportunity now for artists to showcase their colours and concepts, and our members are working hard to bring a lot of new elements to the table while still maintaining the colours that are unique to aespa.

Karina and Ningning. Photo: Chopard
GRAZIA Singapore: What are your long-term goals and hopes for yourself individually and for aespa as a group?

Ningning: My long-term goal is to always be healthy, and also be a person who can give back as much as I receive. As a group, we will strive to be an aespa that is always new and improving.

Karina: Personally, I would like to showcase myself in a variety of genres and fields, not just one side. As a team, we have a lot of things to express, so I ask fans, MY (the name of aespa’s fanbase), to look forward to seeing more new and different sides of us.

Giselle and Winter. Photo: Chopard
GRAZIA Singapore: What can MY look forward to for aespa’s future evolution and projects?

Winter: Going forward, you’ll see a more musically diverse aespa than ever before.

Karina: And next year, we’ll be doing activities in various countries, including Korea, so I’m looking forward to meeting more global fans.

GRAZIA Singapore: What have you learned about watches and jewellery over the last year that you hadn’t expected or that was new to you?

Giselle: I’ve found that watches and jewellery are a must when it comes to style. Whatever type of outfit I choose to wear, adding a Chopard watch like the Alpine Eagle or a piece of jewellery such as Happy Hearts necklaces or Ice Cube bracelets and rings to my looks always makes them more sophisticated.

GRAZIA Singapore: Having been Chopard ambassadors for a year now, how has the experience of collaborating with a major watch and jewellery brand been like, and how has it been different from your other or past collaborations?

Karina: Being Chopard’s global ambassador has opened my eyes to a new side of this brand such as their amazing creativity but also the ethical aspect. I cherish the fact that the Chopard pieces I wear are made of 100 percent ethical gold. As an ambassador, I’ve been delighted to discover all the beautiful jewellery and watches collections from the maison, and I’ve realised that a lot of creations are playful and versatile. They are not only for big occasions but also to be worn everyday like the Happy Sport watch or the Happy Hearts collection.

Giselle: Collaborating with Chopard has been wonderful. I got to know more about Chopard’s responsible practices and their Journey to Sustainable Luxury, the 100 percent ethical gold they use in all their watches and jewellery and their Lucent Steel programme with recycled steel. I really respect the initiative and think it’s great that a family business is what made it possible. This makes me appreciate the values and authenticity of the maison even more.

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GRAZIA Singapore: How do the values and artistry of Chopard compare with those of aespa?

Karina: Now that I’ve been a Chopard brand ambassador for over a year, I’ve realised that aespa and Chopard share common values. I have been impressed not only by the beauty of the watches and jewellery crafted by Chopard, but also by the positive and ethical message that the Swiss Maison stands for. It was even more meaningful to work together with a brand that shared the same values.

Ningning: Chopard and aespa are both part of the artistic world. Just like we create music that makes people and fans feel good, Chopard creates beautiful watchmaking and jewellery creations that give meaningful emotions to people who wear them.

GRAZIA Singapore: Which Chopard collection do you identify with the most?

Winter: I love the High Jewellery Red carpet collection, which I wore on my first red carpet at the 76th Cannes Film Festival with Chopard last May. I was lucky enough to wear a magnificent blue sapphire and diamond High Jewellery necklace with matching earrings. The fact that they are one-of-a kind pieces makes it even more special.

GRAZIA Singapore: How do you like to style your favourite Chopard pieces?

Giselle: I like to accentuate Chopard pieces with minimalist looks. For example, if I wear black skinny jeans with a white sleeveless top and a delicate necklace and bangle from the Chopard Precious Lace collection, I feel like I can shine the brightest.

Winter: My favourite Chopard collection is the adorable Happy Hearts collection. It’s a classic piece that I can wear morning and night, whatever the occasion and I love it.

Karina: I often wear Chopard’s Happy Hearts collection, especially the necklaces. Most of all, as all the Chopard creations, it is made out of 100 percent ethical gold and I very much value that.

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