SISTAR19 makes comeback after 11 years with No More (Ma Boy)

"We want to convey the image and message we have drawn and refine it based on our genuine feelings and thoughts", SISTAR19 said.

Esther Low

| January 12, 2024
SISTAR19. Photo: @sistarsistar/X

SISTAR19, composed of Hyolyn and Bora, is returning with new music after 11 years via a digital single. The duo are a sub-unit of the now-defunct K-pop quartet girl group SISTAR.

The quartet was easily one of the most prominent second-generation girl groups behind tracks like Loving U (2012) and Shake It (2015). They parted ways in 2017 following the end of their contract, and members have been working individually since.

In 2011, SISTAR19 dropped the addictive and sultry bop Ma Boy and took the internet by storm. It was their debut song.

For their upcoming release, the lead track cites the 2011 smash hit. A b-side number Saucy is also included in their new single, slated for release on 16 Jan, 6PM KST (5PM SGT).

Member Hyolyn herself was a part of the creation of No More (My Boy), and she also took part in penning lyrics for Saucy.

Well-known K-pop producer Ryan Jhun, who worked on many successful tracks like SHINee’s Lucifer, (2010) and IVE’s After Like (2023) also lent his creative vision for the production of this album.

The duo’s recent teaser pictures shared on social media platforms showcased the silhouettes of SISTAR19 members. Against a striking red backdrop, donning what looks like cowboy hats.

The decision to return with a spin-off of their previous hit song was to “convey the image and message we have drawn and refine it based on our genuine feelings and thoughts,” said Hyolyn in an interview with Arena Homme+.

“It brought me a sense of stability,” fellow member Bora added as she touched on her experience being part of the duo.

Together with their musical return, the duo will be making variety show appearances on Knowing Bros (2015-present). An episode is scheduled to air this month.


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