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Show Review: Enhypen deliver two transcendent shows during first Singapore visit

Enhypen not only impressed with their synced-up choreographies, they were also pros when it came to fan interactions.

Dayna Yam

| January 22, 2024
Enhypen performed two nights at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last weekend. Photo: Aloysius Lim/AEG Presents Asia

Enhypen are a force to be reckoned with; that’s for sure.

The boy band, who made their debut in 2020, sold out two nights at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. These two shows held last weekend reportedly saw some 20,000 fans in attendance, most of whom were females in their tens and twenties.

From delivering their best hits live to a dance battle and even performing with Pikachus on stage, here are the four highlights during the 2½-hour set.

1. A+ fan interactions

Most K-pop acts pose for pictures when fans direct their mobile phones to them on stage.

For Enhypen, they made it a point to make their interactions seamless, even integrating them into their performances. While they were dancing to Tamed-Dashed (2021), member Heesung launched a rugby ball into the sea of fans.

“This is a New Year’s gift for the fans,” bandmate Sunghoon later explained. “There are seven signatures on the ball too, one from each of us.”

Enhypen were pros when it came to fan interactions, and fans loved it. Photo: Aloysius Lim/AEG Presents Asia

The seven boys also went down into the crowd on the floor later in the show and got up close with fans as they sang their hit Polaroid Love (2022).

2. Comical chops

The boys let their personality shine and brought their usual banter to the stage. Fans were all too familiar with members mimicking Jake and his Australian accent and were thrilled to witness their banter live.

In another instance, Jake had intended to douse the crowd with water during the dance battle segment. But it landed back on him instead.

His bandmates then clambered around the stage, comically bending over with towels to clean up the mess while jokingly chastising him.

3. Strong acoustics

Though Enhypen are undoubtedly great at perfectly-timed choreographies, and they have made a name for themselves for that, their acoustics are equally as strong.

Members displayed their vocal prowess as they sang acoustic while encouraging fans to sing along with them.

Jay and Jake prepared a cover of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself (2015), specially for the Singapore stop. Jay strummed on a guitar adorned with the members’ signatures, while Jake serenaded the crowd with his sweet-as-honey vocals.

4. Special guests make an appearance

You read that right. There were special guests at the Enhypen concert.


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These special guests who made a surprise appearance were none other than Pikachu. Several Pikachus joined the group on stage for One and Only (2023), a song made in partnership with the Pokémon Music Collective.

And given that Enhypen has been flaunting their charismatic and masculine side, this cute touch to the concert was definitely appreciated by fans.


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