Future plans for K-pop girl group Babymonster: Member Ahyeon rejoins, mini-album in April

Babymonster will also release a new song titled Stuck in the Middle on 1 Feb; and it will not be a hip-hop track.

Oliver Chan

| January 25, 2024
YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun-suk shared future plans for girl group Babymonster via a YouTube video. Photo: YG Entertainment

Following their wildly successful and viral debut hit Batter Up (2023), fans have not heard from K-pop girl group Babymonster lately.

It was only yesterday that Yang Hyun-suk, the founder of Babymonster’s agency YG Entertainment, gave some updates for the girl group via a YouTube video.

Yang, 54, first dropped dates for the girls’ upcoming song. Their next musical release will come in no time, on 1 Feb (Thu). While spoilers of new music are usually minimal, Yang was generous in providing more information.

New song coming on 1 Feb

“It’s a fair bit for a spoiler, but I’ll even tell you the date,” he said. Titled Stuck in the Middle, the track is a “fresh” type of music that’s more foreign to YG Entertainment, which mostly dishes out hip-hop tracks.

“I wonder if YG has even released a song like this,” he added.

Speaking of his personal experience after listening to the track, he likened it to being in a state of zero gravity in space.

In another video, he went on to address the elephant in the room. While Babymonster initially had seven members, member Ahyeon did not debut together with the group last November due to “health reasons”.

Member Ahyeon sets to rejoin

However, Yang has confirmed that she has “fully recovered her health” and she is back in YG recording for songs. As for the previous tracks, they will be re-recorded with all seven members, including Ahyeon.

Fans can possibly look forward to more music to come, as he has “significantly reinforced YG’s in-house producers”. They previously had about 10 in-house producers, and there are currently about 40 to 50 of them, according to Yang.

 “I promise the process (of releasing music) will be much faster than before,” he assured.

Touching on long-term plans, he also teased the release of a full album in autumn, without going into specific details on the timeline.


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