Here are 4 indie K-Beauty brands that are worth a try

From brands like Ameli to Alternative Stereo, HallyuSG looks at four indie K-beauty brands that are worth a go.

Dayna Yam

| February 6, 2024
Here are four indie K-beauty brands that are worth a try, including mude. and Ameli. Photo: Ameli

How could a trip to South Korea possibly be complete without a visit to Olive Young for K-beauty junkies?

Brands like Clio, Peripera, Rom&nd are just some cult favourites among the many brands available worldwide. While Olive Young does offer a wide range of products, from tints to palettes and serums, these beauty offerings have since achieved mainstream popularity with the rise in traction that the beauty store has gained over time.

If you’re looking to explore further from the usual selection of brands, then here are four indie K-beauty brands that are worth your shot, as compiled by HallyuSG.

1. Hince

The New Depth Eyeshadow from indie K-beauty brand Hince. Photo: Hince

Starting strong, we have a rising indie K-beauty brand Hince.

From pigmented eyeshadows like their New Depth Eyeshadow (that can double up as a blush), to cushions that give you that ethereal glow, and lip glosses that have long-lasting stains without the stickiness.

This brand can do no wrong. And it’s safe to say that Hince is an all-rounder brand that feeds into the clean aesthetic that K-beauty has been raving about.

2. Ameli

A photo promoting the Sweet Dia Eyeshadow from Ameli. Photo: Ameli

Those who keep up with the latest techniques formulated by Korean makeup artists would recognise this brand.

It is also the OG go-to brand that many makeup artists reach for due to its performance. The Sweet Dia Eyeshadow range truly follows the “less is more” saying. A little goes a long way as it is so pigmented.

Their products are also blendable, offering an impressive shade range. Here’s a pro tip: you can use the cool brown shades as contour powder.

3. Alternative Stereo

Alternative Stereo’s Lip Potion Aqua Glow. Photo: Olive Young

Even though Alternative Stereo entered the market recently, they are not to be overlooked.

Famous for their Lip Potion Aqua Glow glosses, they are hydrating and feel very comfortable on your lips. Not only that, the glosses are adorably packaged and come in bottles that are not your typical tubes.

4. mude.

The Inspire longlash curling mascara from mude. Photo: mude.

Founded by Korean beauty blogger Raemi, mude. offers a wide range of products that are great for everyday looks.

Known for its eyeshadow palettes, it caters to different skin tones so rest assured that you’ll be able to find your perfect match. The Inspire longlash curling mascara has also gathered a following which features a thin wand, perfect for fine lashes.

If this does not convince you, then hopefully this will: the mascara works so well that the makeup artist of Blackpink’s Lisa uses it on her.


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