The girls of K-pop are coming back stronger than ever in 2024

From TWICE to LE SSERAFIM and IU, here's the full list of K-pop girl groups and soloists coming back in early 2024.

Zhuo Jia Wen

| February 6, 2024
TWICE in a promotional image for their pre-release single I Got You. Photo: JYP Entertainment

The K-pop landscape is witnessing a spectacular resurgence with the impending comebacks of both powerhouse girl groups and soloists. Among the highly-anticipated returns are TWICE, LE SSERAFIM and IU who stand out as frontrunners.

Some of them have already dropped new music, while others have releases planned for the coming weeks or months. HallyuSG rounds up the full list to look out for.


K-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM, the ones behind hits like Perfect Night (2023) and Antifragile (2022), are gearing up for their upcoming third mini album Easy.

In the lead-up to the official album drop, the five-membered girl group have shared a series of trailer videos and concept images.

Titled Balmy Flex, Sheer Myrrh and Featherly Lotus, their concept images give off an ethereal and dreamy concept, an indication of what the theme of the album might be.

When: 19 Feb 2024 (Mon), 6PM KST (5PM SGT)
What: 3rd Mini Album ‘Easy’


K-pop supergroup TWICE are also making their highly-anticipated comeback end of this month. The nonet will be dropping their 13th mini album, With YOU-th, then.

Before the official drop, TWICE recently pushed out their pre-release single, I Got You (2024). In the heartwarming English number, they sing about their strong bonds and unconditional friendship which moved the hearts of ONCEs, the name given to their fans.

In the coming days and weeks, we can expect more concept photos and the full tracklist to be shared.

When: 23 Feb 2024 (Fri), 2PM KST (1PM SGT)
What: 13th Mini Album ‘With YOU-th’

3. IU

We can’t deny that IU is one of the most-watched K-pop female artists. And fans have their eyes set on her upcoming 6th mini album, The Winning. The album will arrive in its entirety on 20 Feb (Tue). Before its official drop, IU also released a pre-release single Love Wins All (2024).

Its music video, which starred BTS’ V, showed the duo playing an onscreen couple backed by a dystopian romance plot. Of course, Love Wins All also stretches and challenges IU’s sweet-like honey vocals which she executed to perfection.

With such an impactful tease of the album, we can only wonder what’s to come.

Who: IU
When: 20 Feb 2024 (Tue), 6PM KST (5PM SGT)
What: 6th Mini Album ‘The Winning’

4. (G)I-DLE

K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE has succeeded once again when it comes to dropping earworms.

Following Queencard (2023) and Allergy (2023), Super Lady (2024) is the latest addition to their list of confident power anthems. The music video of the title number reportedly marked the group’s highest-cost music video thus far, with large sets and a multitude of supporting dancers.

The quintet also previously released Wife (2024) before the official album drop, which discusses the stereotypical roles that women are posed with.

Who: (G)I-DLE
When: 29 Jan 2024 (Mon), 6PM KST (5PM SGT)
What: 2nd Full Album ‘2’

5. Babymonster

If we’re talking about rising stars, then we can’t miss out on having Babymonster on the list. With a recent announcement, the girls are slated to release a mini-album in April.

Their latest music, Stuck in the Middle (2024), boasts a different sound from what we’ll usually expect from YG Entertainment. No blasting basses and hip-hop riffs, but simply the members’ soothing vocals accompanied by piano chords and simple beats.

Separately, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun-suk also announced that member Ahyeon will rejoin the band.

Who: Babymonster
When: April (Specific dates to be announced)
What: Mini-album (Title to be announced)

6. Moonbyul of Mamamoo

Moonbyul of Mamamoo is another soloist who will be releasing new music soon. Her first full album Starlit of Muse will go live on 20 Feb (Tue).

For her upcoming release, Moonbyul also dropped several promotional stills, and various concept films to give fans a look into the album. To celebrate the album, Moonbyul has also organised an exhibition in Seoul’s Space Sophora, where fans can preview the album ahead of its official drop.

Who: Moonbyul of Mamamoo
When: 20 Feb 2024 (Tue), 6PM KST (5PM SGT)
What: 1st Full Album ‘Starlit of Muse’


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