All five ITZY members open up their individual Instagram accounts

For their first post, all five members of K-pop girl group ITZY have gone with the same image to be shared online

Ashley Cheah

| February 13, 2024
ITZY in a concept photo for their sixth EP, Cheshire. Photo: JYP Entertainment

In conjunction with their fifth debut anniversary, all five ITZY members have opened their individual Instagram accounts.

This was shared via an Instagram post yesterday (12 Feb), on the group’s official Instagram handle. Their fans, known as MIDZYs, have expressed their delight at the news in the comments section below the post.


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For those uninitiated, it is not common practice for K-pop group members to have their own individual Instagram accounts until much later after their debut. For ITZY’s case, members posted updates on the group’s common handle.

It was not until five years after their debut in 2019 that they established their own social media accounts.

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For their first post, all five members have gone with the same image to be shared online. They uploaded a photo of the five of them sitting against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, presumably in Paris.

ITZY members pose against the Eiffel Tower, presumably in Paris, for their first Instagram post on their individual accounts.

For now, only members Yeji, Ryujin and Chaeryeong have posted photos following their first post together. On average, each member has raked up around 1.5 million followers on their individual handles, since the announcement which only just dropped yesterday. Here are their handles:

YEJI: @yezyizhere
LIA: @lia_loves___
RYUJIN: @iamfinethankyouandryu
CHAERYEONG: @chaerrry0
YUNA: @igotyuandme

Fans are also relieved that even though ITZY is currently promoting as a quartet, with member Lia on a hiatus for the time being due to health reasons, she has also set up her own Instagram handle to connect with the fans.

Meanwhile, ITZY will be returning to Singapore for one night, as part of their second world tour Born to Be. The concert will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.


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