10 best K-pop songs for Valentine’s Day from IU, TWS, Enhypen…

Celebrate Valentine's Day this year with love tunes from K-pop stars like NewJeans, Treasure, IU, Sorn and more.

Avier Tan

| February 14, 2024
Valentine's Day
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with tunes from NewJeans, Treasure, IU and Sorn. Illustration: Avier Tan / HallyuSG

It’s Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re looking for a song to go with a chill night out with your partner or just a song to accompany you before the shy confession, K-pop has you covered.

Known for emotive ballads and upbeat love songs, there seems to be a myriad of song choices when it comes to love tunes.

HallyuSG rounds up the 10 best K-pop tracks for Valentine’s Day this year, including selects from IU, K-pop boy bands TWS, Enhypen and more.

1. Love wins all, IU

Need us to say more? IU’s newest hit is one that’s not to be missed when it comes to Valentine’s Day. In the music video, she paints a devastating love story with her lover, played by BTS’ V.

We’d that think this song is perfect for lifelong partners.

2. Cool, Sorn

Planning on confessing to your crush soon? You’d relate to Sorn’s newest music release. She brings out the heart-fluttering feelings before a confession in her upbeat song.

We’d that think this song is perfect for a shy confession.

3. Polaroid Love, ENHYPEN

Want to take things easy and slow on Valentine’s Day? ENHYPEN’s Polaroid Love is the perfect song for you. The boy band sings about their hearts pounding, and the “old-fashioned feelings” of love in this earworm.

We’d that think this song is perfect for a chill night out.


As its title suggests, TREASURE talks about falling head over heels with a partner. “I can’t do anything without you / You probably think that I’m a fool, yeah,” they sing.

We’d that think this song is perfect for a romantic disco night.

5. plot twist, TWS

It’s that feeling when you’re talking to your crush, where everything seems picture-perfect but there’s that tinge of lingering awkwardness. And K-pop boy band TWS perfectly brings that out in their debut track plot twist (2024).

We’d that think this song is perfect for a refreshing teen love.

6. Just One Day, BTS

In this classic brainwashing earworm, K-pop supergroup BTS sings about a sweet love story. They go: “Just one day, if I can be with you / Just one day, if I can hold your hands,”. Sweet like honey, the vocal verses are also a perfect match to its groovy rap lines.

We’d that think this song is perfect for a late-night karaoke date.

7. Love Letter, SEVENTEEN

Though we’re in the digital age now where sending a text message is as easy as pie, why not bring the retro back by sending love letters? Take it from SEVENTEEN, as they sing about giving a love letter to a crush.

We’d that think this song is perfect for those who keep it old school.

8. What is Love?, TWICE

Love songs don’t always have to be emotive ballads. TWICE takes on a playful spin on the notion of love in What is Love? (2018), as they sing about the fantasy of love through books, movies and dramas.

We’d that think this song is perfect for the playful ones.

9. Hype Boy, NewJeans

Sometimes in a relationship, all we need is a hype boy. Hear K-pop girl group NewJeans sing all about their hype boy in their 2022 release: a perfect fit for Valentine’s Day.

We’d that think this song is perfect for the trendy teenager.

10. Middle with you, B.I

For the adventurous ones, bringing your soulmate for a spin around the world may sound like a good idea, as B.I. suggests. “We could be kids again / Getaway and we skinny dip,” he sings.

We’d that think this song is perfect for the daredevil duo.


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