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Show Review: IVE delivers mind-blowingly elevated musical spectacle

IVE sprinkled in B-side tunes from their newer albums and performed their best hits like Baddie and After Like towards the end.

Avier Tan

| February 25, 2024
IVE held the Singapore leg of their first world tour Show What I Have at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Photo: @IVEstarship/X

When an overseas band visits Singapore twice in the span of a year, you’d think there won’t be many fresh elements they can bring to the table.

But K-pop girl group IVE is living proof to dismiss that notion.

“There’s been an upgrade in our show,” member Liz said of their first world tour Show What I Have, held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium yesterday (24 Feb).

“Maybe it’s IVE’s visuals?” teased fellow bandmate Wonyoung. “No, it’s IVE’s cuteness,” Rei chimed in with a pinch of cuteness.

Members touched on what was different from their previous fan concert here in Singapore last June with a humorous slant.

But it’s clear-cut to me, and probably their 8,500 fans in attendance too, that it was their theatrics, stage design and set list that saw a massive upgrade.

Elevated theatrics

Between their high-octane numbers saw sprays of confetti at multiple junctures, met with roaring cheers from the crowd.

With the luxury of performing in a full-scale indoor arena, there’s also more room for play when it comes to switching up the sets.

The sextet can perform a slower number like Shine With Me (2023) with a mystical backdrop on stage lifts in one moment. And they serve up a spellbinding atmosphere for Hypnosis (2023) later in the show.

New elements grounded on solid hits

Other than stage sets, members also injected new elements into the show itself.

Towards the end of the rearranged rendition of Hypnosis (2023), Wonyoung wrote “Satisfied?” on the mirror with what seems to be a lipstick, which signalled the start of their next number My Satisfaction (2022).

Of course, the group did not forgo their best hits.

IVE backstage at the Singapore leg of their first world tour, Show What I Have. Photo: @IVEstarship/X

Kicking off the show with an explosive I Am (2023), they saved most of their other title songs for the last. The girls also sprinkled in B-side tunes from their newer albums like Heroine (2023), Lips (2023) and Shine With Me (2023).

IVE ended their set with addictive earworms Love Dive (2022), Kitsch (2023), Baddie (2023) and After Like (2022) performed in quick succession.


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